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The regular question of "Will I pass"?

Forums Drugs Drug Testing The regular question of "Will I pass"?

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  • Hello! Here’s my panicking post:

    So long story short: I don’t do drugs often at all. I do the occasional MDMA, coke, acid, mxe.

    I don’t smoke pot. I don’t really like it unless the setting feels right.

    However, recently when to a festival in late June and went a little nuts. Prior to that, it was months since I smoked. Minus all the other drugs I did (we’ll assume they’re all out of my system by now), let’s say day 1 I smoked a joint shared with 6 people, the second day took a few hits of wax here and there from a gpen, and day three I did both. Day 4 didn’t smoke at all. Day 5 didn’t either. And since then, I stopped completely again.

    My question is: am I going to pass the urine drug test I have next week? (I got a job offer sooner than expected)

    Review of time frame: I don’t smoke regularly at all. Festival went a little crazy. Stopped all together after. It’s been 26 days since I last smoked. On the day of the test it will be 31 days since I last smoked.

    I’m 5’7″, about 145-150lbs. Average built. Don’t exercise too often. Granted, at the festival we walked miles per day and I’m always on my feet at work (and I work a lot). I also take small walks every so often with my dogs. I actually naturally drink a lot of water, coffee, and tea. I don’t eat terribly….I’m a salad/sandwich type of person and the occasional pizza. I believe I have a slow to average metabolism (I can eat something small for breakfast and still feel full at dinner time. I can also feel presence of drugs like amphetamines a few days after use, I’m hypersensitive).

    Took a FirstCheck at-home test for THC on day 25, followed instruction to the tee, and got negative (as in no drug detected). It was a fainter line under the control, but still a negative. My worry with that is it was at night, not my first urination of the day, and I drink a ton of water so it was probably diluted.

    My friends think I’ll be ok, and I think the only thing I’m hesitant about it the wax smoking…because of the higher concentration etc.

    Thoughts please and thanks.

    No, you’re fine. Pray it isn’t a hair test thiugh but as a precation you could shave your entire body.

    Welcome to the forum bud.

    Hi and thanks!

    It is a standard 5-panel urine test.

    Not a problem then, even an extended urinr wouldn’t find it.






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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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Forums Drugs Drug Testing The regular question of "Will I pass"?