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  • AWIP is going to be a really simple campaign – we want to get people to sign a declaration (that ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE) , and this will begin to build a broad based coalition.
    People and organisations who sign the declaration will also be asked to join as members (maybe £10 per year for individuals, more for orgs) to support the campaign.

    the declaration might look something like this:

    I (the undersigned) believe that there is always an alternative. Nobody should have to put up with the way things are and the pre-packaged choices that are offered to us by politicians and big business who say that there is no alternative.
    In short, We believe that –

    Another world is possible!

    with less : discrimination, conflict, poverty, waste, inequality, mediocrity, selfishness, shallowness, pollution, greed
    and more : freedom, respect, integrity, equality, cooperation, commitment, sustainability, opportunity, communication
    The Idea of this declaration is to start to bring together all those people who are thinking for themsleves and making informed choices in any area of their lives to influence all the big issues facing our world.

    please send your comments on this declaration to

    We are currently planning a public meeting to discuss these issues (date and
    venue to be confirmed) please send an email to to be
    involved in further discussion






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Forums Rave Free Parties & Teknivals Time for party people to get active…