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‘Tough Stance’ to Stop Illegal Raves

Forums Life Politics, Media & Current Events ‘Tough Stance’ to Stop Illegal Raves

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  • ‘Tough stance’ to be taken in bid to stop illegal raves

    SURREY police have warned they will take a tough stance on any raves that may take place over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend.

    Coldharbour residents were left frustrated last week when police were unable to respond in numbers to a rave at Crockers Lane due to an emergency in Horley.

    Police explained a man had barricaded himself into his flat claiming he had a bomb and firearms during a seven-hour siege in Horley which they said took precedence over events at the rave site.

    A police statement released this week says that every measure possible will be taken to prevent a repeat of last Saturday’s events when private land was taken over by ravers and a deserted cottage on the land burnt down.

    The Chief Constable of Surrey Police, Denis O’ Connor, said: “Those involved in raves should be under no illusion that we will use every measure of the law at our disposal to stop them disrupting other people’s lives or damaging their property.”

    Police have put on duty a “substantial number” of officers who are apparently “trained and experienced” in dealing with occurrences similar to that which has left village residents fuming.

    Mr O’Connor said: “We are familiar with sites which are used regularly for these events and these and other likely sites will be monitored and any attempt to stage a similar event will be prevented.

    “We will not tolerate behaviour of this kind experienced last week, which led to serious criminal offences.”

    The statement also emphasised that organisers of illegal raves may be liable for the seizure of their equipment and where they are convicted of offences under the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act, the court may make an order to forfeit sound equipment permanently.

    Police have sited their success at having successfully prevented repeated intrusions by travellers occupying private land over the last 18 months as proof of their ability to deal with the raves.

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Forums Life Politics, Media & Current Events ‘Tough Stance’ to Stop Illegal Raves