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  • I would really try your best to see a proper qualified healthcare professional with experience of dealing with treating addiction before doing anything drastic.

    In my country (UK, which is culturally and geographically part of Europe but trying to separate from it politically) there was a big conservative backlash which caused a change of government and cuts to health service budgets, which forced drug treatment of opiate addicts to move from maintained but declining dosage to forced abstinence.

    This has actually caused a rise in deaths across the UK to the point in some regions drugs kill more people than traffic collisions and this is a small country with some of the most dangerous road layouts of Europe.

    Elsewhere in Europe where they still have tolerated maintained dosage this does not happen.

    Now I am not a doctor and do not know if this sudden abstinence/cold turkey can actually kill people outright or whether what actually happens is just that life becomes so unpleasant for them they end up relapsing and having fatal ODs or committing suicide, but if you want to quit opiates and live at the same time it would make sense to make doing so as risk free as possible.

    Auch wenn du am Abgrund stehst, und gar nichts mehr verstehst,
    wachen Engel über dich, halten dich im Licht und lassen dich nie fallen.





      You seem ready and if u do flush them u will feel really liberated and strong. However I agree that to stay clean is tough and as soon as u get stressed with life u are in danger of using again and should see a psychiatrist about this. Flush them it’s not 10k it’s 10ks worth of damage.

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      Ok what would you guys do? I’m trying to stop using opiates , I have about 1000 oxy 10 and 800 hydro 10’s left , I can’t seem to thro them away but knowing they are there I keep taking them! My question is , what would you do if you was in my shoes , throw them away and hope for the best, or keep them around and try to let will power take over to I feel comfortable flushing them! Just hard to flush 10k down the toilet but worth it if I took the temptation out


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      Personally speaking I wouldn’t be able to flush $10,000 worth of pills down the drain, also its bad because it ends up in the water supply downstream.

      Kratom is more or less a miracle when it comes to treating opioid withdrawal or with quitting opiates without having to go to a detox center or going cold turkey. In a few years it may be used IN the detox center.

      Is fascinating stuff, believe it affects the delta rather than the mu-opioid receptors but I’d have to check that. The stuff is incredible and for opioid withdrawal, I know of nothing even close. Methadone and the rest of that shit goes down the toilet in comparison.






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