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two moots for the price of one 17th aug

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    the elven moon moot is for the night but the day has been proclaimed as a
    Kite Moot magiKin the Air.

    kite flying is a magiK persuit and the flying of dragon kites will be most
    welcome to the eye,
    these magical spinners sound like something the elves will love also.

    do it for the mooteye, a sculpture in the winds,
    it is elf thing to do, if it has other plus’s to it … good

    The pursuit of flying kites is common on the hills throughout the land and
    the winds are going to be light from the southwest ideal kite weather. a
    kite moot was planned for the next one but the signs are good ……. go for
    it kite boy thats what we need to dispell the gloom , magiK in the air

    KITE MOOT its up to you ……… the druids and elves are behind you
    and the faerys too.

    karumba elf Message:
    I come from the hills to update you on the moot
    The 17th as you prob know is the date set by the kaos druids for the elven
    moon moot a night of mooting to magik musik makers

    the elves and faery folk were excited that the druids had inviting you
    freefolk for fun and frolicks on their land and now that you are bringing
    kites for a KITE MooT mAGIKin in the AiR they have started to dance around
    the mushroom rings on the hillside in glee.

    The preperations are on the way, the gloom has been dispelled.
    let the waggons roll for the guests are coming is the cry…..
    bring the fairyCakes, mushroom teas,
    magiK beans, fareyDust,
    roll out the barrels of fun, bring on the musik,
    tap your feet, we dance to the earth sun and the moon,
    we chatter high laughs and loon to the tune, that moves our feet
    the beat dancing jumbing feet.
    roll out the ruts so its flat for the feet.
    roll out the ruts we dance to the beat

    so the song gos on in the party camp I’ll let them get on getting on with
    the moot preperations.

    Its only a small thing to bring a kite, not much trouble to get one, just a
    bit of an effort to flyit but if plenty do you will be rewarded with good
    feeling and a cool sight.

    it’ll be what you make it
    spread the word …… bring a kite spiners, dragons, stunt kites if you kno

    entrance price free, but you must bring a smile, a laugh, a couple of hugs, a kite(optional) and a good handshake.






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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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Forums Rave Free Parties & Teknivals two moots for the price of one 17th aug