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UK: Designer drug hits London’s clubs – January 2001

Forums Drugs UK: Designer drug hits London’s clubs – January 2001

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  • Designer drug hits London’s clubs
    By thisislondon – 17 January 2001

    Copyright: thisislondon

    A potentially lethal designer drug dubbed “ck one” – after the Calvin Klein perfume – is hitting London’s dance scene, experts warned today.

    The combination – a mix of highly addictive crack cocaine and the animal tranquilliser ketamine – is becoming an alternative to ecstasy.

    The new drug, which is in no way connected to Calvin Klein, is a crystallised “rock”. When heated, it can be smoked and produces a high which can last for about two hours, much longer than crack.

    It is understood to have originated in America and one “ck one” costs £20. Chris Robin, a worker at the Enfield Community Drugs Project, said today: “‘Ck one’ has been used by clubbers in the mainstream and gay rave scenes in London for the last couple of months. It stuns the memory and, unless it is taken in small doses, you lose control.

    “I know of one woman who stood watching her bed for two hours – she knew it had a purpose, but couldn’t remember what for.

    “In clubs, ravers could be smoking what they think is cannabis but a joint could be laced with ck one instead. The dangers are intensified because the come-down is absolutely horrific and for those using it for the first time and not knowing about it, they won’t have any idea how to cope. It can induce severe depression.

    “Crack use sees a lot of suicides and the same could start happening with ck one.”

    He added: “Dealers name these new type of drugs after popular products in an attempt to lure young users.”

    One Met police source said: “It appears to be on the increase. Often these drugs come and go but this is becoming more popular and prevalent – it is worrying.”






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Forums Drugs UK: Designer drug hits London’s clubs – January 2001