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UK: Industrial estate rave – December 2002

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  • Industrial estate rave
    Published by Camberley News Online – Saturday 7th December 2002

    Copyright: Camberley News Online

    RAVERS descended on a disused building in Camberley at midnight on November 23 for an illegal party which went on until the following afternoon.

    Around 400 people took over empty industrial units and defied several attempts by the police and environmental health officers to break up the event, claiming ‘squatters’ rights’.

    Reports of loud music were received by police at around 1am on November 24 from residents living near units 21 and 22 in Admiralty Way.

    Part of the ceiling of the building was ripped down, radiators were removed and graffiti was daubed on the walls.

    Five weeks ago 300 people held a rave in the empty C-House building on the Yorktown Industrial Estate.

    Surrey Heath’s chief environmental health officer Ken Stewart has a major role in again dealing with a problem which seemed to have died out a decade ago as musical fashions changed.

    He said: “We have very good co-operation from the police. Obviously we are not used to having events like this but we are aiming to re-establish our links with the police.

    “I think everybody recognises it’s almost impossible to stop an event once it’s started but the council does take its responsibility very seriously.

    “We will certainly be looking to find any links between the two most recent events. Should we find the organisers we would definitely take action against them.”

    Chris Norden, system manager of plumbing company Tricom which occupies the unit next to the disused building, said: “One of my colleagues received a call to say that our alarms were going off and that was due to the vibrations from the speakers next door. I was worried there would be damage to our building.

    “This is the sort of thing you hear about but don’t expect it to happen on your doorstep and I think something should be done about it.”

    He said the company had discussed increasing its security measures.






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Forums Life Politics, Media & Current Events UK: Industrial estate rave – December 2002