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UK : LDN : Parts of London’s Underground (metro) finally goes 24 hours

Forums Life Travel UK : LDN : Parts of London’s Underground (metro) finally goes 24 hours

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  • About 27 years too late IMO – when I lived there and studied in Central London but lived in SE9 I managed to miss the last Tube and had to walk the entire distance from SE1 to SE9, 14km whilst half drunk (although I managed it and I didn’t even have anyone try to hassle or rob me, which probably wouldn’t be the case today).

    Then again a youth today would still have to do the exact same (at much greater risk to their personal safety) as only a fraction of the lines have gone 24 hours.

    The other more important issue is (even compared to 1980s/90s) there isn’t a great deal to actually do in many parts of London late at night these days as lots of interesting places have been shut down; the remaining club venues are well outside the centre and often close at random times halfway through the night (and are also not the places where the night Tubes are currently running anyway).

    That said the service is likely to be useful for the long hours low wage workers who have to work 24/7 anyway especially at weekends cleaning up stuff or
    keeping things running, and a Professor is even monitoring the abundant populations of mice to see if they are stressed by the extra trains :laugh_at:

    How the Night Tube could give London?s mice that Friday feeling

    A further (more realistic) article about who might in reality actually benefit from these extra services – although there are many tradeoffs especially as metro trains are noisy; and those who live to (or even above) the lines will now have to endure this noise.

    One impressive thing is the 100 extra BTP (British Transport Police) officers have not had to make a single arrest so far! This is almost a miracle; although it remains illegal to drink alcohol anywhere on the network (and London has had CCTV monitoring transport infrastructure since the mid 1960s).

    the article also shows a picture of a somewhat bemused mouse – although there would be nothing preventing the mice and rats boarding the trains and relocating to quieter areas, rats already do this on existing trains to find food (some travel from as far away as East London) BTP don’t check them for tickets :laugh_at:






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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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Forums Life Travel UK : LDN : Parts of London’s Underground (metro) finally goes 24 hours