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UK: ‘Rave event will not be repeated’ – January 2002

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  • ‘Rave event will not be repeated’
    By thisisoxfordshire – Wednesday 09 January 2002

    Copyright: thisisoxfordshire

    The owners of an industrial estate invaded by partygoers staging a New Year’s Eve rave have vowed such an event will never happen again.

    Stephen Webster, director of Marlborough Gleeson, which owns the Crendon Industrial Park at Long Crendon, near Thame, has pledged to step up security.

    He said he did not accept police claims they were powerless to stop events taking place on commercial premises when there is no evidence of any crime.

    Up to 500 car loads of people arrived on the estate for an impromptu party in two warehouses, which are in the process of being re-let.

    Mr Webster said: “I don’t accept the word “rave” — what happened was breaking and entering and causing criminal damage.

    “The police can do something and we are co-operating with them.

    “They know who the organisers are and have got to make a stand and have a serious presence in this area.

    “This has never happened on this estate before and it is something we take very seriously.”

    Thames Valley Police spokesman Paul Anthem said at the time the problem had been that officers had not been able to contact the owners of the units to find out whether permission had been given for the rave. Complaints had come from neighbours.

    Also, on the night, there was no evidence of breaking and entering or criminal damage.

    He added: “If the owner is making allegations a criminal act has been committed, that is something we will look into and we will take on board all the evidence.”

    Mr Webster said Marlborough Gleeson would be investing in making the units more secure, including appointing security guards.






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Forums Life Politics, Media & Current Events UK: ‘Rave event will not be repeated’ – January 2002