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UK: Ravers flock to farmer’s barn – July 2001

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  • Ravers flock to farmer’s barn
    By thisisessex – Monday 06 August 2001

    Copyright: thisisessex

    Another rave has rocked Essex after more than 450 revellers met up in their cars at a secluded rendezvous off the A120 between Coggeshall and Bradwell at 10.30pm on Saturday night.

    It was the fifth rave in as many weeks. Organisers used mobile phones to direct ravers across Essex.

    A cavalcade of more than 100 cars zig-zagged across Braintree and Cressing before heading out towards Dunmow.

    The rave eventually took place in an unsecured and empty grain barn in Hatfield Broadoak at 1.30am on Sunday.

    Police informed the owner of Sparrows Hall Farm the party was taking place in his barn but they were powerless to stop it.

    A police spokeswoman said: “It was on private property and therefore it’s a civil matter.

    “To take action there has to be an offence or we have to get an injunction out on the authority of the farmer, which can be too late.”

    Rave organisers were careful to claim squatters rights, taking their own power source and even had qualified first aiders on hand in case of medical problems.

    The police spokeswoman added: “We are not talking about a bunch of thugs wrecking property.

    “We do not condone their actions but they take care not to commit offences and to leave the property clean and tidy.

    “The difficulty is trying to keep ahead of them so we can organise with the owners of barns to take security measures.”

    This rave follows on from similar parties in Little Dunmow, Little Easton Lodge and Stebbing.

    Ravers were aged in their early 20s and many had crossed the country to attend. Up to 40 were still partying hard up to 10.30am on Sunday and the site was only reported clear at 11.10am.






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Forums Life Politics, Media & Current Events UK: Ravers flock to farmer’s barn – July 2001