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UK: Raves trend is so disturbing – December 2002

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  • Raves trend is so disturbing
    Published by Camberley News and Mail – 11th December

    Copyright: Camberley News and Mail

    NUMEROUS unoccupied industrial buildings are causing concern for police as illegal raves return to Surrey Heath.

    Two raves have now been held in the space of a month and there are growing concerns that there are more to come.

    In both of last month’s illegal parties hundreds of people descended on disused buildings on industrial estates in Camberley.

    The first all-night party took place at the beginning of November and saw around 300 ravers take over the empty C-House building on Stanhope Road, part of the Yorktown industrial estate.

    Music from the rave kept nearby residents awake most of the night and damage was caused to the building during the party, which continued into the following afternoon.

    Despite attempts by council environmental health officers and the police, it was felt that there were too many people at the event to stop it.

    Residents were then shocked to find themselves woken by more loud music just three weeks later.

    Another illegal rave took place this time at empty industrial units off Admiralty Way estate, again in Camberley.
    Around 400 people took over the site late in the night and stayed until noon the next day.

    At the time Camberley police received criticism from residents for not putting a stop to the event.

    But according to Inspector Martin Goodwin, the key is prevention rather than cure and police resources are being put into deterring the organisers of the raves from targeting Camberley.

    “We are now being proactive in preventing future events of this nature. We are working with our partners in environmental health with the objective of identifying the organisers with a view to prosecuting them for the unlicensed events and preventing future parties.”

    Insp Goodwin pointed to the number of unused buildings in Surrey Heath as a problem.

    Working with the council, the police are in the process of contacting the owners of empty and disused ware-houses and industrial buildings in the area.

    With the aim of preventing rave organisers breaking in to empty buildings, pressure is being put on the proprietors to increase security.

    “Ideally it would be better if the buildings were occupied, but I know the council are trying to achieve that.”

    Understanding the effect the raves have on people living nearby, he added that everything was being done to combat future events.

    “I want to reassure the residents of Surrey Heath that we are doing everything we can to deal with this matter. Our Neighbourhood Specialist Officer for St Michael’s is instrumental in forging close links with members of that community who can gain valuable intelligence in achieving our objectives.”






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