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  • Thousands attend illegal rave – a tale of 2 teks… this being the UKtek…

    We dint kno wottek were we at then but as long as it was atek 🙂 Dunno about thousands attending either… few hundreds maybe.

    We arrived on site early saturday morning having driven thru the night… The decision was made to leave at about 10/11pm cuz we were worried about roadblocks… after packing and meeting up we left at about 1am and visited various petrol stations then we had to wait a bit more to fix one of the
    convoy’s accelerator pedal . Official brighton depart 3am… arrived in safeway carpark down the road from the site 9am-ish…

    Word was that the farm had been squatted for 13 years or summat and that it had just been sold to barclays bank as squatters rights dont apply to agricultural land? Anyone confirm this and or get a different story?

    What does fucking barclays want with the land anyway?? can a bank go out and buy up land? i suppose they;re the only sort that can afford it these days.

    We stayed on site ina lovely apple orchard where the travellers were camped, which was scary at first but everyone was cool (except the kidz who pulled out all the tent pegs (twice) 😉

    We were wondering if we were at the “rightek” for the whole of saturday… Thought it might be like a private traveller party or summat! we were definitely outsiders but not at all ignored or anything, people would pop up and chat as any camp / festie / tek / gathering style would be, swapped stories and or
    info… Sometimes sharing some food, drink other times buying ‘rugZ 😀 we phoned some numbers numbers during the day but the partylines were not open till later.

    When we got through on the phonelines it seemed that other ppl were being directed to where we were.. this coupled with the fact that a dirty great digger was parked over the entrance to the camp site we decided to stay.

    It dint seem that by 10pm or whenever it started to get dark on saturday that not many more rigs were going to turn up, although there were a fair few – it was good / went all mad max by sunday :)) we didn’t know if the other site planned or a random act… we wanted to go and check it out.. but there were
    enough ppl there to create a thriving tek community… some food stalls arrived, in fact i dunno how so many more rigs etc seemed to arrive on sunday maybe, maybe i’m not remembering everything exactly (although i hadda stay a bit sober on sunday lunch onwards cuz of the drive home!) what i do remember was being a bit worried about using my camera (as normal) which is annoying now in retrospect cuz it was fine and now there are no pictures of the punk band stage or any of the smaller rigs that lined that field… sorry.

    1 tek would have been amazing tho 2 would be more difficult to control for the po-lice at the end of the day… the roadblocks and overtime musta also been a bit expensive. it seems that there were 2 teks b’cuz some rigs were wary of going onto the travellers site and were not aware that they had been invited, by the time rigs had set up in either location and found out about the other they dint want to pack down again and move – and i dont blame em! i wunder who’ll leave firstthe travellers or the p1Gz.. the former will probably stay till they r evicted i think. as for Christine Rosearsh… (a local who lives nearby whining to the bbc) erm, she must sleep like one of the ancient dead for 362 daze of the year ffs… IF there were 3000 ppl having fun there, whorl true to the western worlds definition of “humanitarianism”… its collateral damage init 🙂

    The police came on site 2 or 3 times… the traveller kids made a direct route for them when they arrived.. like *yay* lets go play with the police. the 3rd time they were followed round the site by a crowd which grew and grew… helicopter came out about about 4/5 times turning tricks and loop the loops… entertaining but a waste of money………. the bbc reports are true that ppl were hurling bottles and stones at them but tbh they were never a danger they po-lice were far far away from where these missiles landed…

    In the campsite a couple of the smaller tents got rolled for their contents… look, i’m sorry, bad stuff sometimes happens – trick is to minimalise the damage: YOU ARE ASKING FOR TROUBLE IF YOU LEAVE IMPORTANT KEYS, PHONES AND/OR WALLETS IN AN EMPTY TENT!







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