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UK/CH : BBC report about MDMA testing in clubs

Forums Drugs Ecstasy & MDMA UK/CH : BBC report about MDMA testing in clubs

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  • Thanks very much for the article. It obviously refers to reagent testing to give presumptive results (which are certainly going to save lives among other things) because when the fuckers actually seize something they even suspect to be drugs they actually don’t want to spend the money to test the compounds they are almost certainly going to charge you for possession of. It was either 8 or 9 compounds that were seized from me (4 class A, 1 class b and 4 legal compounds) plus blank blotters plus some of one of the legal compounds in solution and I know that might cost a lot of money to test, but that’s what has to be done and it still took over 3 months for that with the lying bastards even saying at one point there was only 1 compound left to test, yet when asked which compound that was, an officer who was actually dealing with the case said no further comment would be given and the one I’d already had, should not have been given.

    Also, now I’ve actually read (most) of the article, it’s not entirely clear what he’s saying other than, well, I don’t know. Havong “may be useful” in a bold part of the article certainly makes it look like a good thing but reading deeper, it looks like he’s saying it may save lives but tough fucking luck, you have drugs, w’re ging to fucking nick you until someone with a brain and some integrity, and a spine, is in parliamentary power.

    We barely have any onsite testing in America, its usually only at festivals and even then it isn’t super visible. It saves lives but it makes it so that zero tolerance law enforcement and elected officials always come out having taken a loss and thus it is only widely available in more tolerant places such as NL.

    Good read GL! The lifetime ban from a club is some serious stuff, get caught at a lot of places in America and they just kick you out and keep your drugs for themselves or worst case kick you out and hand you over to a police officer although you’d still probably be welcome at the venue unless you did something ridiculous.

    The drop off service is seriously coool. Key to it is that the police DGAF in comparison to stricter countries. Whereas in lots of places they have a good racket going… “drugs kill people” then they do nothing to prevent it and say “look I told you so, such and such died from ecstasy. Shut down the clubs!” Harm reduction makes too much sense, but it is important to still appear tough on drugs or at least not permissive.

    Biggest for me is the disconnect that some legal drugs can kill you as well, to quote Kat Williams about aspirin: “take 13 of them motherfuckers and it’ll be your last damn headache”. The quote from the Home Office official “drugs are illegal where there is scientific evidence that they are harmful to health and society”. Well, shit so is Oxycontin and its legal for some people to have, the banning of some drugs that have sister compounds that are legal and probably more harmful is a joke. Zero tolerance doesn’t work, people like party drugs.

    Your 1st point is exactly the one I was trying to make DB, if testing is done, some hardline politician is going to say you’re encouraging/killing…….WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN…………horseshit.

    Your last point on things being toxic, alcohol and tobacco are seriously toxic, as is almost every prescription medication, as is almost every substance on the planet. I don’t know figures butr I’m gonna guess the amount of suicides by taking large amounts of an illegal drug, compared to doing something legal-ish to kill yourself is the vast majority of the total, like walking in front of a train or bus, jumping off a cliff, or taking some medication which is not illegal.

    They are definitely the arguments being made but whether they are actually valid in a reasonable society I doubt.

    I think a lot of times the politicos aren’t that asinine but they have to appeal to their base on the conservative side or they’ll get voted out.

    @Digital Buddha 987109 wrote:

    I think a lot of times the politicos aren’t that asinine but they have to appeal to their base on the conservative side or they’ll get voted out.

    that does have some truth, I still remember the backlash against Mr Obama from his own party supporters when he admitted to taking drugs, and how only half of them supported any form of drugs decrim, and he is supposed to be the left wing of USA..

    it is not much better in Europe. So many of my generation and even many younger people of voting age are angry about having to compete with migrants for work and would rather vote for right wing politicians (all of whom want to be “tough on crime”) than any reform with drugs laws, and that even includes many ex ravers as people only see drugs as a “rite of passage you eventually grow out of” rather than caring about what happens to the next generations..

    Auch wenn du am Abgrund stehst, und gar nichts mehr verstehst,
    wachen Engel über dich, halten dich im Licht und lassen dich nie fallen.

    People vote against their self interest all the time.






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