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  • Alright I’m doin some research for media on rave culture and it would be helpful if u could answer these questions and then express other opinions if you have ne.

    thanks, [EMAIL=Mel][/EMAIL] xx

    1. Being a follower of the contemporary rave scene and having first hand experience in the organisation of such an event, do you feel that people in your position are performing a duty to ravers by bringing their scene back to its underground foundations?

    2. Underground rave culture is arising, in your opinion do you think this is what influenced the superclubs of today (such as ‘Gatecrasher one’ and ‘Air’) their decision to refurbish attempting to create a ‘new era’ of music and culture?

    3. Expressing your own viewpoint, what do you think is happening to underground rave culture at present?

    4. Why do you think certain followers of the contemporary rave scene prefer underground raves to commercialised superclubs or vice versa?

    5. Has the popularity of the underground rave industry affected superclubs in anyay?

    6. In one sentence, could you express your feelings on the Criminal justice Act?

    1) Being personally responsible for several underground shows and as an avid attender, I would say yes! Taking the show back underground, while temporarily having a negative effect on the industry’s growth and economy, it allows the culture to get away from the many stereotypes that come with electronic music. If you go to a massive show it would be naive to think that there wouldn’t be a drug problem, and that may be unavoidable, however…by taking back to the underground, you get a much better vibe from the crowd. I think that it’s because, after map points, and being couped up in a car for hours, you really have to be going for the show, the music, or the people rather than drugs to appreciate it. A friend of mine once said ” the people in these clubs and at these parties now don’t listen to Techno at home or in there car, there here to get fucked up!”. He’s absolutely right too! I won’t lie I’ve done my drugs, but if you won’t go sober then you shouldn’t go at all!!! Oh, yea, and what ever happened to PLUR? I used to think there was an idea behind all of this!

    2) Of course electronic music has influenced the decisions of these clubs, not just these, all clubs. I can’t tell you how often I hear,”Do you think this would increase our business?”. The influence of rave music ripples throughout all of music now, the computer is finally being braced as an instrument as well as a recording device. As long as electronic music still feels fairly new it still has the chance to grow, so of course profit is to be made. Plus, until all artists representing electronic music move to PA, your only wasted funds are the decks & mixer, speakers are speakers no matter what you play through them.

    3) I think that rave culture over the last few years, has suffered a serious blow due to extensive scrutiny, but it will survive. The approach has to change so that RAVEs don’t have to be a no-no. As long as the abuse of drugs within’ the culture remains a problem, it will always be on the parents of attending MINORS and the authorities shit list! For now I guess it’s just in kind of a lull, or transition, or something!?

    4)Why do certain followers prefer underground or mainstream, that’s easy! It’s simple, different vibes. At an underground show the event may not be as grand, but the people attending seem a bit more sincere, they are there for the culture. At a mainstream show it’s like most clubs, drugs, drinks, and booty. The focus is quantity rather than quality. Club owners have more bills to pay than promoters throwing (typically illegal) underground shows.

    hay if eny1 nos of eny raves going on round leicester cud you plz message me thanx

    Wow ain’t had someone on here for ages asking about raves. Usually it’s about links for shitty RCs like Benzo Fury.

    Anyway stick around mate, Get to know people innit. Once you do I’m sure the info about raves will as well.

    Welcome to PV btw. :love:






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