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  • Sorry to beg like this people but I’m a bit of a newbie to all this rave scene – it’s wicked!…

    Does any1 have any contacts or info about raves in or around the Norwich area…

    Would be greatly appreciated…

    Cheers matey’s

    The AnimaL

    Check out they list some good sound systems except (norwich gods Plannet Yes)

    They say that their are good party’s in Nottingham SMOKESCREEN I think their called.

    Also their is rumour of a big Exodus event happening in Norwich soon and also plannet yes will be returning from europe. Their next event usaly falls either at the end of this month or on guy falks night must not be missed I will post a message if I hear any more news…

    Hope this helps
    Andy 😮

    ‘off yer Face’ If I remeber correctly do parties round that neck a the wooods

    …ok so i’m 2 years late with this post but we (bio-tech) do parties in the Norwich area…

    here’s hoping you still check this forum.

    I’m new to this forum and jus wondered if any1 here had heard of the bury hill or goodwood raves? they have been goin on all summer and i ave ad the phattest parties of my life!! I went to one on saturday and got well fuct on 4 luvhearts!! Let me know waht you think of outdoor raves!!

    Welcome mate.

    Haven’t heard of the parties you mention. Bury hill? Is that in/near Bury St Edmunds?

    I think you’ll find that everyone on here shares your passion for the outdoor party scene. Glad to have you along for the partyvibe ride. With an attitude like that you’ll fit right in. Where abouts are you from?

    Bury Hill is near west sussex UK. I’m from a place called chichester in west sussex.

    About 3 weeks ago i went to a huge rave in goodwood! there was over 1500 people there 10 live mixes and people from as far away as manchester!! without a doubt that has 2 be the biggest raves i have ever been 2! What about u?

    Well. I’ve been to some large Legal do’s years and years ago. But as for free parties I don’t really know, i’d have to say Planet Yes. But to be honest I prefer smaller more intimate parties. You get a better buzz and atmosphere. You kinda feel like they are your family for those few happy hours of the weekend.

    i went 2 1 in goodwood a few weeks ago,i fink it woz a fancy dress 1 in rmemberance of sum1. but 2 b honest i cant realy remember coz i woz off my tits!

    Wots goin on on the london squat scene? I havent been to a rave for a year now and just wondered wot was goin on. Last one i went to was more like a club playing funky house. Where are all the raves playing hard tekno dnb etc. Is there still loads of crack and muggings or have they just got a lot cleaner. Is there a tekno rave on tonight? What are the best systems? Tar very much. SP

    Hey, does anybody here know about any rave parties in Bangalore, india? Am new to the place, wanna check out the scene in Bangalore….

    A quick Google turned up this
    Although i couldnt find any events listed,it has links and discussion boards,so may be of some use.

    Dearest ppl
    I have been to raves in Bury Hill and Bury st. Edmunds and they r good. Bury hill is nice secluded and scenic, and thetford forest is amazing .When I went to a rave in petworth(south) there were ravers from WALES wat arriving at 3 in the morning having driven all night . Do u know of anyway I can get rave no.s for Nottinghamshire cos I have moved also how do i find out about Planet YESS. thanks jaz

    Check out their site. Think its

    hello i’m new in this site
    i’m french man living now in kent
    i’m looking for illegal party in south england
    could you say me how to have information to find some
    give you my e-mail :






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