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US : Raves move from LA to "desert" following drugs panic

Forums Rave Clubbing & Raving US : Raves move from LA to "desert" following drugs panic

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  • Nope it is actually the desert although there are towns there. A girl died at HARD festival a few years back and they packed up shop and moved ~100 miles inland and hold these events at auto race tracks and other large open air areas. Lots of space out that way compared to LA.

    Seems that harm reduction would be the game not prohibition, kids fuck up and take too much or dodgy stuff or overheat cause it is hot outside and there aren’t chillout areas or drink a fuckton of water cause they think they’re dehydrated. It is mentioned in the last two paragraphs, but having been to many Live Nation shows I can for sure say that harm reduction isn’t a feature of anything they do or at best is ancillary and peripheral.

    It’d be interesting to see health and safety data for these events compared to places that have Zendo or Dancesafe on sight.

    We have had the same displacement from coastal to inland areas on a smaller scale in England; also in the Netherlands in spite of their purported “liberal” attitudes. Drenthe/Groningen on the North Sea coast directly bordering Germany now has considerably fewer EDM events than other regions although still lots of guitar based/folk music events.

    The same happens in Eastern England and both regions were hubs of the EDM scene in 90s/2000s. They both have long running drug problems of any coastal area but also many thriving legitimate maritime industries and daytime economies restaurants, hotels, conference centres etc) that bring in more revenue than risky music events.

    That said I think there is a global problem with local authorities making it increasingly harder for smaller promoters to host multiple small scale EDM events that only go on for a few hours across Saturday evening to Sunday morning.

    That naturally forces people into the hands of bigger promotion companies who put on multi day festivals (and/or encourages promoters to attempt events out of their competency ranges) – bigger crews have the resources to deal with licensing conditions/lobbying/PR etc.

    Multi day events are an obvious temptation to young people to take way more drugs to stay up for every night due to FOMO. Added to which unless they are in areas with adequate public transport there are going to be numerous incidents of DUI.

    It would make more sense to allow mutliple smaller events to be licensed in suitable areas where people do not need cars to get to them and are conveniently near teaching hospitals (which are usually plentiful in most large towns and city areas), keeping their attendances to what the Emergency Departments could realistically cope with in the event of any incidents. Student nurses and doctors need patients as a training resource, and this also allows research to be carried out in to usage patterns and risks of peoples lifestyle choices whilst minimising their potention impact on wider populations.

    Although serious drugs casualties at smaller local events are rare in comparison to big multidayers or large club events that teenagers tend to attend as treats (birthdays, end of exams, last gathering of friends before going up to University). You do tend to get more incidents of violence between people who know one another and might have fallen out who then encounter each other at events but that happens anyway in communities and is often only loosely related to drugs.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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Forums Rave Clubbing & Raving US : Raves move from LA to "desert" following drugs panic