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  • The inhabitants include bobcats, cougars, lions, tigers and bears among other species. As of September 2014, 40 felines 3 coatis, a lemur, a capybara and 29 bears call IEAS home, with spacious habitats, pools and houses.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but most of the time these animals are rescues from someone who possessed them illegally. Most U.S. states make it neigh impossible to own anything that dangerous.

    They do indeed get them from animal control from all across the USA, I’d read elsewhere about people like gangster rappers, meth dealers etc obtaining inappropriate pets for their locations; although in many cases they were surprisingly well looked after other than often undersized enclosures and went unnoticed until they either escaped during extreme weather or their owners got busted by feds for other crimes and the animals were discovered.

    Makes sense TBH to rehome these creatures in TX where there is plenty of space for them (they seem well looked after, and thats a lot of bears and big cats in one place, way more than most European zoos have..)

    For sure there are many Scarface types with pet tigers, but many of the folks are just exotic animal lovers who are skirting local laws and then have their pets taken away.

    in the UK there are a surprising number of wild species kept in private collections (including 10 alligators!) but the rules about keeping them are more or less common across different Council areas and the 4 countries compared to how things seem to be done in the USA. All the ones listed below are legitimately licensed (it is of course difficult to conceal larger creatures in a small country).

    Wild animals at UK homes include lions, zebras and crocodiles – BBC News






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Forums Life Pets & Animals US : TX : A Texas sized animal shelter ;)