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Various Methods of DMT Extraction

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  • @EljoshuaO 458520 wrote:

    when i did it i skipped the first step and but the bark right into the lye solution i did get DMT but i felt not much at all, could this be because i skipped that step ? why did it even work in the first place without that step

    you’re not creating DMT just extracting it … so that’s why it worked as the woodbark allready contains DMT (assuming the step you missed fucked it up ..)

    what exactly didn’t you do?

    @p0ly 458861 wrote:

    i’m in contact with him through some other guy who i randomly friended on the forum cos he saw that i knew him and updated me with what happened. he is a cool guy and basically dynamic went through a lot of shit and got through the other side and now has been thrown back into all the shit from before but worse people he has to deal with… really unfair. not sure i should even be posting this but still i hope you’re not too bad bro if you ever read this. much love x

    can you send him my regards please?

    i’ll do my best bruvah x

    i was looking into making some DMT and i stumbled across this method, but it seems weird to me that it’s the only one that doesnt include an acid. the only mention of vinegar is to “clean up lye spills”. the link is below, take a look and tell me if it looks sketchy Erowid Mimosa (Jurema) Vault : DMT for the Masses

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Viewing 6 posts - 31 through 36 (of 36 total)
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Forums Drugs DMT Various Methods of DMT Extraction