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  • Sorry for my ignorance. But how much plant oil can we make? Is it enough to run most things? Or are we limited? How easy is it to convert an engine??

    Plus, it’ll never happen over here unfortunately. What will they tax then?!?! Bottles of vegie oil will cost £20 a go!

    Sorry, I suppose I should check out the links before asking these questions….

    on my way!

    I have seen this site, which has some UK based info on it

    Loads of info, Definately worth a look.

    It makes too much sense!

    It doesn’t mention how much a conversion costs. Any ideas anyone??

    I have found more info…

    This site covers cost. Kits look to be a few hundred quid, for a car at least.

    Nice one. Cheers.

    Very interesting stuff. Surely the governemnt will somehow put a stop to it though. Think of the taxes they will loose!! Outrageous!

    ive always been intruiged by this sort of stuff
    found an interesting link about biodiesel
    although its an American site,theres still some useful info

    On a slightly off topic note…did anyone see the veggie oil fueled Beetle on the recent C4 Scapheap Challenge series?…it did rather well overall,without much(if any)drop in performance






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Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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