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  • I read this in our Regional Daily. Whilst it contains praise for the Brains Kan rig it shows the determination of Babylon to try and stop us from enjoying our freedom and our earth.

    Police will get tougher with illegal raves


    August 26, 2003 22:23

    Norfolk police are to launch a get-tough policy to deal with illegal raves, it emerged today

    The move follows a three-day rave at Warham saltmarsh, near Wells, over the Bank Holiday weekend, where more than 1000 people gathered for an impromptu festival – sparking fears among conservationists for the site’s internationally recognised ecology.

    Rave-goers finally quit the site this evening. But, despite police praising their “good-natured” behaviour, the force has pledged to increase efforts to stop repeat events. And police have also revealed that they may still prosecute organisers of the Warham rave.

    Speaking at today’s Norfolk Police Authority meeting, Deputy Chief Constable Colin Port said the way to stop the raves was better use of intelligence.

    “It is extremely difficult to control the raves,” he said. “We will try to gather more and more intelligence so we know before the events take place and we can try to prevent them.

    “What we have to do is get better at intelligence gathering and that way we can have more impact.

    “We have looked at intelligence to see how to do it better.”

    Assistant Chief Constable Simon Taylor, who was involved in the operation surrounding the rave, said revellers had behaved themselves – but may not get off scott free.

    “This weekend they were good-natured,” Mr Taylor said. “There was no damage reported to the scientific area. There was always a degree of compromise and no significant events of drug-taking took place.”

    Mr Taylor said that officers arrived to find more than 200 cars already on site.

    “We took the operational decision to maintain the situation with five or six officers,” he said. “There’s always a fine balance between resources and what to do with them.”

    Mr Taylor said police were still deciding whether to take action against the rave organisers, who refused to move from the nature reserve to a nearby stubble field.

    English Nature reserve manager Ron Harold said, to his relief, the party-goers had caused little damage.

    “There has been no lasting effect on the saltmarsh area, and although I do not condone what they did, to their credit they have done a good job of tidying up after themselves,” he said.

    “The damage could have been very serious, particularly if a fire had started.”

    Norfolk Police Authority today gave their backing to the creation of the Eastern Region Intelligence Unit in Royston, Hertfordshire.

    The scheme will involve the six counties in the east of England, and could bring together the Regional Intelligence Team and Regional National Crime Intelligence Service.[/QOUTE]

    This all reads very nice doesn’t it, but the fact remains they (Babylon) are trying their damnest to close all of us down one way or another. Up until now Norfolk have been fairly tolerant of us partiers but now because this party appeared on TV they have hardened their attitude towards us because they were asked a few questions that looked to embarass them!

    I was at this Party and I can personally say that it was the best party that I have been to, and my intention is to continue to go to them. To anyone from the Brains Kan crew who may be reading this. THANK YOU for putting it together, and thank you to everyone who attended for the energy that you put in. It would not have been what it was with out you![/quote]

    Good post. Reading they feel the need to improve on managing their intelligence suggests they’re not as well informed as some people believe…

    Fair play to Brains Kan!!! A lot of respect to you lot for that one. Nice way of handling it all too.

    If the Police want to come after us then so be it. We never harm anyone or anything. And we are not about to stop doing something that we love. Providing people with a bit of freedom and escape from the pressures of this world and allowing them to be themselves every now and again. It will be a sad day if it comes to any of our crew being persecuted and sentenced but if thats what they plan to do then unfortunatly, so be it.


    As quoted from the “ravers manifesto” :

    ‘But know that while you may shut down any given party, on any given night, in any given city, in any given country or continent on this beautiful planet, you can never shut down the entire party.
    You don’t have access to that switch, no matter what you may think.

    The music will never stop.

    The heartbeat will never fade.

    The party will never end.

    I am a raver, and this is my manifesto.’

    This Ravers Manifesto should be posted here 😀 It is a great way of saying what needs to be said about us party-goers.

    Sorry that you won’t be at the Bdy party we have planned but as Sturge says we may pop over to you mid morning (if you let us know where it is).

    Regardless have a good one matey;) looking forward to another gurning time:D 😀 😀

    The whole thing is on our site in the ‘stuff’ section if anyone cares to take a look.

    I can’t remember where the hell I got it from and I don’t know who wrote it. So anyone who can enlighten me, please do because I need to give credit to the individual on our site.

    Cheers m8, I want to steal sum of the piccies from your site as well! I’m putting together a whole new web site for myself and I thought of having a “gallery of rougues:)” but I don’t have any digitised piccies of me and my m8’s but you do. Do you mind?

    Thanks for asking beforehand. But of course you can! People can do what they want with the pictures off our site.

    If you want. Tell me the ones you want and I can send you over the better quality/larger file size counterparts.






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