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  • road rage
    12 gauge
    watch me dive right of the stage
    into the sea of life where u will never age
    body damager
    street labodomy
    cut the. ratio
    female feliatio
    with my nine inch nail i wanna fuck u like a animal
    strait out the bush of the jungle
    call me mumbles
    to the one that never fumbles
    sticky clue get crumbled
    who wants to rumble
    is it girls against boys
    lets make some noise
    out here u only got one choice
    thats to enjoy
    every minute every hour
    an devour all cowards
    thrusting through the galaxy i only move forward
    saying. ah-ha

    Wicked set I just came across.

    come in let me spark this let me start this let me spark this
    regardless of viagra still the hardest
    village artist
    5 raves
    road rage,rage back to the rAve
    unless u b living in the home of the
    S n M bring ur momma n her friend
    S n M bring all ur horny friends
    im a part of this just like u
    im a deciple of safa
    with work to do
    ill ride u slide u
    pump deep inside u
    bac front i know what u want someone to guide you
    pump jump get it slump
    gangbangers love to dump
    down with work k so watch my universal stomp

    how u bring. up u tube, i got a. few with me on stage

    @stayawayfromafrica 567876 wrote:

    how u bring. up u tube, i got a. few with me on stage

    In the reply box theirs an icon that looks like a piece of film, second icon from the right mate.

    daft punk- alive 1997

    @Digital Buddha 567905 wrote:

    daft punk- alive 1997

    One of my absolute faves as well. I have the 97 show on my PC and there was a copy on youtube which I can’t find now. Here’s one of the alive shows from 2007.

    yup i’m hoping for an alive 2017 tour…idk tho, hard to imagine them touring now that they do movie soundtracks and the like, kind of a step down to get back out on the road.

    This was pretty cool from the Grammys 2014

    bassnectar, has played a few dates in Europe to my knowledge but ya’ll might like him, started as a typical west coast breakbeat turntablist, here is his latest album, he’s really taken off in popularity in the past few years so this album reflects more of a shift to the mainstream.

    Thanks for posting bud.

    another highly US based act(they go to Japan for like 3 dates once every year or two), this is from their improvisational glory days, now they are more about melting your face.

    paranoid android
    aliens asterods
    plus i george jetson through the solar system boy
    galaxy gladiator
    fakin bittin ass style
    stealing perpatraton thugs gettin. blast
    milliom dollar cash
    man i bomb it
    wicked shit will make u vomit
    c im comimg like a comet
    c section out ur stomach
    insane since a embroyo
    blood pump nitro
    clockin clocking benjamins while u listining
    slugs whistling
    at the competition
    blood stains on the stage opponets come up missing
    murders my lullibi
    never cry when they wish i die
    no allibi
    i bust intoxicated
    lyrics alive an animated
    im the operator plus a pocket calculator
    mail dominated
    univesal intergallactic
    n since that crack hit
    i been dope as that shit
    fuck u punks with the wack shit
    get smacked back whips
    i told u move back off the spaceship
    bustin suicidle thats the end of discussion
    hit u with the football n blow out ur brains rushing






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