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What Computer Game You Playing ATM [username]?

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    @Mezz 534698 wrote:

    Have to agree the original PS1 C&C Red Alert is brilliant, if anyone want the cheats ( not needed sometimes useful ) they are..

    ^ = Triangle # = Square

    A Bomb – OXO^#O

    Win the Battle – X##O^O

    Instant Cash – ##OX^O

    Remove Shroud – #^OX^#

    Time Warp – ^OO##X

    got c and c retaliation which is just the upgraded version of red alert on my ps3 downloaded from the store. was playing it the other day

    @BioTech 534658 wrote:

    Half-Life 2 (again!)

    I’d forgotten about Micro Machines! Great multiplayer gaming… when multiplayer meant you were all sitting in the same room looking at the same tv screen.

    Half Life 2 is amazing man.. one of the best games ever made for sure!

    Micro machines is epic!! I still got my copy on N64! I really need to bust out my N64 so I can play RoadRash 64 and MicroMachines.. some of my earliest childhood memories are on those games with my 2 bros :laugh_at:

    i’ve whipped out all the half lifes, red alert 2/yuri’s revenge, dawn of war, age of empires and age of mythology. haha wish i had others but this is all i got left.

    I like HL2 and contersrike and Garry’s mod and pretty much all things half life. You guys should download Black Messa from steam which is basically HL2 but cleaned up and polished nice.

    Does anyone want to play some battlefield 3 on xbox today?

    Used to love Stronghold & Civ2 as well, might have to dig these out for the weekend go on a retro buzz for a few days

    Metal gear solid 3. Eating all dem snakes. Finished mgs2 again the other day, nearly put my foot through the screen on the metal gear ray fight. Took me 4 hours :@

    Mass Effect 3 if I ever get my backside off of here

    Chess for android

    lol back to the old skool.

    I am also playing xcom terror from the deep (with tons of mods) on my lappy but it is very time consuming and it hurts my hand lump.

    Gonna be playing the new tomb raider today, well excited been waiting for bloody ages for it to be released.

    Skyrim, with massive amounts of Wu Tang chucked in. I will get my 100% completion by April 10th..

    Oh, and Team Fortress 2 occasionally.

    I’m playing manageruu of Blackburn Roversaruu

    At the moment I’m a bit of a whore for Planetside 2 if anyone else plays? I’m Terran Republic on ther Cobalt server.






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Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 83 total)
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