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What’s the Legality of Salvia Divinorum?

Forums Drugs Salvia Divinorum What’s the Legality of Salvia Divinorum?

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  • Anyone know how illegal or legal salvia is?to my knowledge it is not illegal,but may be under consideration to become so.

    i’ve just had a quick look through the web, but i couldn’t find any reference as to whether it’s illegal or not. sorry.

    It’s legal. You can by it from those dodgy herbal high places, as well as online stores like

    Funny thing about these legal highs is that they generally don’t get you high, but this stuff does, but for about 15 minutes, and you just feel kinda lazy as a result…

    have you tried it before? i’d heard it gets you very high…

    the high depends on how its done-smoking it gives a fairly intense,but very short lived experience,while it can also be brewed into something that will give more of a trip.suppossedly it was the sacrement of the Mazatec indians

    It’s legal everywhere as far as I know, except Australia as of from May. – We cant even legally grow the plant here now.
    Salvia has the potential to get you very high, depending on dose etc etc.
    for example, you can smoke the leaf straight, or you can smoke a 5, 10, 12 etc X extract.
    Another way is to chew up to 30 leaves at a time for a more body stoned type effect.
    it can be a FULL ON experience. ppl seem to either love it or hate it.
    Its only a quick high – say 15 – 20 minutes maybe.
    Traditionally the Azatec Indians would use it as a Diviners plant, to divine answers about certain illnesses or problems within the tribe.
    I find that it does actually help to have a Q in mind when taking it, as it seems like the answers to everything is right there in reach.
    If you are going to smoke a 10x extract or something, make sure you have a friend there quietly next to you. it can be BIZZARE. sorry for droning on…
    any q’s pls dont hesitate to email me, as i have PLENTY of experience with this unique god-gifted plant.
    ps, did you know they dont even scientifically KNOW how it works??????

    curioser and curioser…….
    iteresting stuff DoMT,ya got any good links? 🙂

    In the U.S. you can get it at Herbal stores or Hemp shops, not sure bout the U.K. They were talkin about makin illegal a few years ago though. Yeah is a good reference.

    I’m not aware of any plans (yet) to make it illegal in the United Kingdom..

    A funny but true story:

    Some hippies I know bought a bag, which they placed in a drawer. They then went out, leaving their pet cat in the house. (This is unwise, for a start 😉 )

    They came back to find the room in some confusion, the drawer open, and the cat asleep amongst the remains of the bag. The bulk of the herb had been eaten by the animal, which had then shredded the bag with its claws, scattering the rest and then rolling in it! It had also obviously been running around at some point and in doing so had upset various other items that were in the room….

    There must have been something particularly attractive to the cat; which had gone to some considerable effort to open the drawer apart from risking trouble from its owners when they returned home!

    (I am pleased to say the cat was unharmed in the long run, either by the effect of the drug or any punishment from its owners!)

    in denmark it’s illegal.. the politicians here are so stupid.. one news paper writes about a legal drug no one(most people) has never heard about, and writes how much it damagedes young people even thou nothing has happened or has not been proven that it damage anything..
    anyways our politicians made it illegal because of that articel and they have done that lot’s a times.. stupidity at it’s best :/

    salvia is very potent and much like dmt, but still not the same..

    try smoking a bong on top of mushrooms:D

    also mixes nice with K and E:D

    I did DMT, for the 2nd time the other day, has anyone else found it more rounded and spirtual the second time round? first time couldn’t really understand, will wait a bit then go for the third!

    it works well with laughing gaz too and its legal. we sell it in our headshop “appy daze” in bath somerset. £20 for salvia 10 x £25 for 15x
    we do mail oprder if anyone wants some send in check or postal order to appy daze, 4 london st, bath, ba1 5bu or tel: 01225 789795 for credit card payments or further enquiries.

    we sell liquid E, speed capsules, magic truffles and 6 types of magic mushrooms, bongs cannabis seeds grow lights the workz just incase anyones interested?!







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Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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Forums Drugs Salvia Divinorum What’s the Legality of Salvia Divinorum?