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What’s Your Favourite Ecstasy?

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  • What have been your favourite ecstasy pills?

    007s, which make you feel like a 12-year old, stealing an apple from the orchard…

    smurfs, because they can cause hallucinations too…

    maple leafs, simply because they are so fucking pure…

    love triangles (blue)


    purple batteries (damn these were strong)…

    I’ve been on a diet for a while now…. can’t say I really miss it tho!

    hmmmmm my favorite pills?!

    Smileys because they make me go absolutely insane! think play school kid with a new toy!

    Butterflies or flags make me rush the most…

    Love hearts give me a nice buzz, i feel good on these ones…

    BT’s these make me trip out a lot!

    Supermen were the smoothest

    Ferrari’s tripped me out

    Grey Diamonds made me love everyone so much i nearly burst

    MDMA powder shits on all of them


    im all 4 the clovers i was dancing all night

    and the white marshmellow kicked a little

    i am a fan of the orange pillows they made me go crazy,

    I’d rather roll clovers though.

    When I was in Tenerife a few weeks ago I stumbled across these pills called V8’s. Totally un-fookin-believable! Totally had me blown away and captivated by the sheer beauty of the smallest of things. Went into a club called Sound of Cream on it and I looked up at the ceiling where it was painted like a night’s sky but with nebula and supernovae dotted around the stars. I was like…whoooa! Never seen anythin like it before in my life. Danced my tits off for hours. God just thinking about it gives me a hard-on!

    I’ve only recently started taking pills and have done:-


    I reckon Mercedes were the best as everyone who took em was just lovin’ it all night long. I’m ok with Euro’s but alot of my mates who have took them have been really battered and monged all night. Any one else had this problem?

    Supermen: Speedy as F*ck

    Ferrari’s: Just off it!

    Mistubishi Turbo were my first pills and totally awsome!

    Pokemon: Only took 1 and was off it for 9 hours…

    Best ever was probably the first mitsi’s

    Yellow Bumble Bees were pretty damn nice.

    Anyone tried double doves? About the size of a plate but, fuck me what happened?

    Once was given a brown speckled barrel without any markings on it in London 2001 dunno what it was called but it was like pure sunshine in my belly my face ached in the morning from all the smiling.

    Had some crap pills the last couple of years-very speedy-I guess that’s what you get for living in wales.

    the best i had last year was an orange ‘7’. I contains 198mg of mdma, it is a heavy dude so…

    break em


    bear in mind a “brand” isn’t a guarantee of pill quality – 1 shipment could be spot on and the other not as good due to MDMA running low and other stuff being substituted at pressing. also the feeling is often affected by “set and setting” (the atmosphere in which u take them) and how “experienced” u r.

    UR first lot always seem better as there is a “honeymoon period” – but there can be “tolerance” after u have taken a lot and it is “not as good” becoz its no longer a novel experience

    but if u rest 4 a while from taking them u can often get 80% or so of the intiial euphoria..

    Use trusted connections, and consider that those who sort u out r running risks like prison time so treat them well (don’t take the piss and/or run up large debts)

    A combination of common sense and good karma will get u sorted 🙂

    Anyone ever come across white mazda’s or green pills with a cross sorta like the west coast chopper cross? Im new to ecstasy and just wondering if they’re any good?

    Windmills…….. no explanation required!






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Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 259 total)
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