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  • A party held in a park in Glasgow last weekend was attacked by a group of ‘Neds’,theres a bit more about it here
    This goes a bit beyond the usual sort of trouble you could expect from a party and is unusual for anything like this to happen around here..anything like this ever happen to anyone else?

    interesting stuff. Luckily I once worked with a sound system where two chaps came from Scotland so I can understand Scots – which is classed as a language in its own right.

    Until recently down south this level of violence in uncommon. There have been robberies in some London events (not all of them); and there was in 1998 an attempt to disrupt an outdoor party in Oxfordshire by football hooligans; but normally large-scale violence is almost unheard of.

    I have however noticed over the last two years isolated fights (of the sort u would see in a crap commercial pub or club) breaking out at parties, or arguments over money etc erupting in2 violence. nothing really bad like the gun business u get at UK garage; but an indication the scene is losing its fluffy nature nevertheless.

    oops,i forgot that others might have a bit of difficulty…maybe i should have put up a glossary 🙂
    Seriously though,i reckon thats the first instance i ever heard of a party being attacked like this…and hopefully the last,although somehow i doubt that!






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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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Forums Rave Party Reports When Ned’s attack