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  • In some ways it’s difficult to understand why the Police act in such a way at free parties-i mean its not as if we are terrorists.
    Totally out of order though! [Pissed off] -good luck with the witnesses m8.
    just a minor point-does anyone know if it’s illegal for a Police Officer to remove his or her badge number-i would have thought so,but cant find out for sure!

    From the pages of DC:

    Police violence against free party – an account from a woman on the receiving end of “public order policing”

    Account from woman beaten up by police at the free party on 21st July.

    Got to party around 1:30 –2am.

    Walked from Coronation Road to Hotwells under the motorway. On arrival seen police on top of motorway but as they were at a distance I did not pay much attention to them. As the day had been very chilled and relaxed at Ashton court I decided to totally enjoy myself and went straight to the sound system for a dance.

    Shortly after arriving at the party someone said the police were going to come and take the sound system. I stayed dancing and didn’t see any police so I presumed the party was allowed to go ahead. Very pleasant evening. Nice people. Nice music. No trouble.

    As it was getting bright word had it that the sound system was going to be taken. I didn’t pay much attention again as rumours had been going around all night. Then all of a sudden they were everywhere. I was standing behind the system. A police man came up and told me to get out of the way. I ignored him and stayed standing where I was. He pushed me and I fell to the ground. Then two of them began hitting me on the legs with their batons. This made me extremely angry. Even though my legs were aching I stood back up with the rest of the crowd. At this point I was quite loudly saying stuff like “ You can’t make me stop dancing”, and just dancing while the police began to retreat. They backed away down to one corner of the park which the motorway runs over.

    At this point I thought they would just leave it but they didn’t. Instead they charged at the crowd. I don’t remember much apart from being knocked to the ground and repeatedly hit on my calves, thighs, stomach and chest. As I was at the front of the crowd I did not see what happened to other people, but I do remember standing up and seeing a girl near me on the ground getting the same treatment.

    I was in shock at this stage so I wasn’t paying much attention to what the police were doing after this.

    My feelings about the incident are not good. I do not think I posed any threat and definitely did not deserve the beating I got from fully equipped riot policemen. I am eight and a half stone and it should not take three heavy weight policemen to control me.

    If I was doing wrong why didn’t they bundle me into a police van and place me under arrest. As far as I could see they were determined to give people a beating. They were not civil and they weren’t doing what we pay them to do, which is supposedly to protect us from danger!






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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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Forums Rave Party Reports witness request