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World: New rave drug dangerous – September 2002

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  • New rave drug dangerous: RCMP

    By CBC News – Sep 9 2002

    Copyright: CBC News

    RCMP in Vancouver are warning people about a dangerous chemical cocktail that’s being used at nightclubs and raves.

    Police say it’s a blend of ingredients including methamphetamine, ecstasy, Ketamine and Viagra.

    Party-goers have dubbed the concoction “trail mix” which gives people a sense of euphoria, energy and sexual stimulation. The mix is sold as a tablet for anywhere between $20 to $70.

    RCMP Cpl. Scott Rintoul says people don’t realize they’re taking “trail mix” which can cause cardiovascular or kidney failure.

    Methamphetamine is also known as speed and can cause respiratory illness and death.

    Rintoul says the RCMP have tested 300 samples of the drugs seized at nightclubs, raves and on the street. Many contained diluted versions of ecstasy and some batches of heroin.

    Police say heroin is added to the mix to increase addiction to it. “You don’t know what product you are consuming by taking trail mix.”

    Ecstasy is usually the drug of choice for ravers. It is a “designer” drug that produces an increased sense of sociability and euphoria lasting from four to six hours.

    The drug has also been linked to increased blood pressure, nausea and chronic problems including confusion, insomnia and convulsions.






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Forums Drugs World: New rave drug dangerous – September 2002