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  • Hello everyone, hope this is how things are supposed to be used. My wish is to find out any info on actions/events/parties happening in August as I hope to go to Italy, Spain, and Czech Republic. Does anyone have any contacts over there, bearing in mind I am very new to activism and this whole ‘alternative’ world. Went to my first Reclaim the Beach in June and was converted to the whole free party scene, (although this may be slightly different to many other partie). Also been doing a lot of research on the net, looking at indymedia etc.. would be interested on others views on this. Seen some videos, Ha!, basically I`m new I need guidance would very much like to be more involved with events. I intend to travel down on 10th Sep to the Disarm Dsei protest. Anyone got any ideas? tips? help?

    Thank you,


    Hi funnylittleman,

    the calendar is a good source for all things interesting (parties, activities etc.). On this link you’ll find how you can get involved in the Disarm DSEI protest.


    Czech Tek is on…

    or theres this ,which looks pretty good for only £6:50 a day!!






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