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  • Wondering if anyone could enlighten me as to what cpuld of possibly been in it because Im quite sure there was dick all mdma in it. I necked a white double cherry and was buzzin my tits off to some intelligent Drum N bAss. Then It got to about 3 and I necked this blue smiley face thing and it turned into a weird trippy buzz felt right out of place and real set back in my mind pure spaced out. Wasnt feelin the buzz at all. My other mates bought two and only necked the blue ones and had the exact same weird buzz. The next day I was on a right weird one all day. Not really on a bad comedown just felt like i was floating everywhe5re I walked. proper wEird. Any clues people 😀 oh and Planet yes anyone this weekend? thankin you

    Could be ketamine…You used to get it in wee blue pills.






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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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Forums Drugs XTC : Blue Smiley Face