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  • @MC G-Tek 488553 wrote:

    Sulphuric is good mate, makes it smell like they’re farting with fear as you dissolve em!


    only ethanoic acid on me chips so far… cos im a wimp… but maybe thats all about to change !

    I want to try acid SO bad it ain’t even funny, why does nobody ever sell it round my way? for fuck sake…

    blotters…… best acid times were on double dip purple ohms, took around 50 of these between ’91 and ’96. I tried others, strawbs, dollars, supermen, all sorts but a strip of ohms was the seal on a good night.

    My best acid is the acid in my stomach lol

    well the plan was to never touch drugs again but some one decided to offer me a bottle of the cleanest sweetest LSD after going to a circus, one bottle I paid £1,000 for it and have basically been living off it for the past few months, every few weeks I have had 4 drops of LSD and then after the first month I was at psy raves giving it out to any one who wanted it… every time I had a more intense and spiritual experience that made me want more.. I wish I took this guys number as the LSD was just amazing.. though 4 drops had me tripping for days.

    alcohol turns every one I have ever met into angry violent or un happy people who are willing to hurt themselves and not to mention my uncle died for a whole 60 seconds in a drink drive accident, it was nice to get away from that all and spend a few months in wonderland. sleep was never a problem after LSD either though I did buy 200 bars of xanax and I still have 199 bars lol

    I wish I could of copied the experience down and just felt it at any time, like recording myself tripping but then you are soba and it just looks weird and not to mention learning to stop panicking on the come up of LSD that before trying other drugs such as mdma that panic never existed. I think when you take mdma for a long time or other drugs such as coke it ruins LSD for you.

    Last night I ran out of LSD.. 🙁 Maybe he will be there for new years with some more LSD.

    The best I’ve taken was my very first one in Japan! I experienced an amazing trip to the space that day…beautiful.
    Never taken liquid but would like to try if theres any chance.

    I always like to watch this film LSD symposium which I guess most people here have seen(if not I recommend). leaning LSDs fun!

    Flying triangles by far

    5 years ago i used to get some incredible liquid. $500 a vial for some quality one hitter quitter shit. i remember going to Galveston one night after a party that summer with some friends to watch the sun rise on the beach. i could see the sun melting into the ocean and wash up on the beach, the rays from the sun looked like they were putting on a laser light show, the echo of the tide crashing into the shore and then rolling back sounded so peaceful and blended so perfectly with the trance blasting from my friend’s mini van. not to mention 6 people on acid and/or ecstasy laying on the beach in a cuddle puddle smoking cigarettes and enjoying life. i wish i could travel back to 2008 and pick up more of that stuff 😛

    I have searched high and wide blowing through about 600 dollars total on what 8-10 contacts claimed was “real acid”. Never once have I actually obtained any real acid, and to my sincere disappointment mistakenly have taken the majority of RCs. the only “acid” that I did not doubt was simply an extremely low dose (I took 4 drops liquid form) and tasted of extreme bitterness and alcohol. the looks of everything was slightly altered. everything appearing to be sharper and from an unexplainable angle. Sadly this was the best acid i have ever had.

    I like the Christ Tabs, felt little body tension and was a very peaceful time. Best, but not the strongest.
    I now have quater sheet of the new batch of hoffmans which I have no doubt will be beautiful, bring on summer!


      my best lsd trips :
      Shiva ohms
      mickey mouse

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