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Thanks Bunsen, it’s really nice to know that site is still going despite the seemly grave yard shift nature. But hopefully it’ll pick up and new users will find it and a new generation madness can begin, albeit a far more resevered form for us older lot – tea replaces booze.

@GL – Yeah I assumed that ISPs were blocking the site, as I tried to login last year – about 3 months after moving to Wales and was given the old ‘ URL not recognised’ schpiel, so I had assumed that the site has been taken down, then after doing some light reading I realised that BskyB privacy and content controls were resticting access – of which I disabled promtely. I find it interesting that a wealth of knowledge, advise and humour is being denied to the masses, but then again nothing shocks me about the uk anymore as it’s moving ever closer to full on dictatorship. But hopefully some will find the site and get involved as you say.

Hopefully I’ll hang around for the foreseeable as I’m not on social media per say – I have instagram but don’t post, I just view (pro lurker me) – so I am somewhat isolated in terms of a social group (my friend group is 2 now after all the years and I live too far away to visit really).