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    28/11/1998 – Costa da Caparica Beach
    Dj´s: Filip (p), Pena (p), David (BOTFB-Sweden) and Matt Boom (Boom Recs/Nl)
    Live Acts: Battle of the Future Buddhas (Boom Recs-Sweden)

    This was a party organized by four portuguese psytrance dudes, who thought that, if no one was bringing down to play BOTFB and Matt Boom and David from the BOTFB here in Portugal we would, so that´s what happened, found a place – a beach bar in Costa da Caparica beach (10 min south of Lisbon) – got some decors from all the portuguese party promoters, contacted the band and dj´s, made some flyers and it´s done!!!

    When Matt and the Buddhas saw the place they said:” Man, This is GOA!!!”. A beach bar with wooded floor, some coverings, fluo and trippy decors and backdrops, and nice sunny weather even in Winter), what great place for a party.

    This was a non profit party, made for friends and by friends, no radio or newspapers advertising, only some flyers, but appeared more or less 600 people to party.

    The party started at about midnight with Dj Filip and Dj Pena from Portugal who played till 3.30 am with a building up dat set with great new tracks preparing the scene for David who played a dat set, very well mixed, deep and dark (scandinavian style, with some tracks made by him and friends) finishing with some uplifting tracks…

    At 6 am started BOTFB live act who played mostly unreleased tracks, weird, dark, noisy, very psychedelic stuff (and everybody was enjoying and dancing), they´ve finished is set with an amazing uplifting track that tells that they know how to play with everybody´s mind.

    At 7 am started Matt Boom , who played only unreleased tracks, and made one of the best mornings that I had ever heard. What a story Matt told us, so beautiful and powerful, so well mixed, everybody was dancing and tripping with the beautiful landscape(desert sunny beach with beautiful waves in front of us) until 11.15 am when Matt finished is set.

    This was an unpredictable party that will stay in the minds of all presents for a long time.

    boom7.jpg boom6.jpg boom9.jpg

    By João (Dj Pena – Flow Records) –






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