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Can a man be raped?

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  • Can a man be raped or is it just an excuse for having been unfaithful?

    One guy in Denmark won a case of being raped of a woman after a night ut.

    Of course.
    A woman can easily make a man aroused against his wishes and sit on him.
    He might have the choice to either hit the woman who who is being so forceful or take it. – In most caeses I imagine he just takes it because of fear from repercusions.

    Yeah i would agree on that one.

    Of course, no men would feel discomfort, but it should be able

    yes, it happens LOADS in prisons.

    @DaftFader 561395 wrote:

    yes, it happens LOADS in prisons.

    I don’t think she means like that Daft.

    I think she means vaginal penetrative sex, to which I would have to say no. If I didn’t find them attractive I would not become aroused. If I did find them attractive then it would not be rape!

    sorry, but someone had to >.> … weird to look at their photo and suddenly like, aw such cute kids… dear dear >.>

    anyhow, i dont think its possible either, but im willing to try 🙂

    Yes. I saw it happen on Peep Show, which is almost like a documentary. Mark had his sperm stolen.


    by another man…

    yes it is possible. one man was raped by two woman in Brazil. Women are prostitute..


    Recently a team developed a nail varnish which when dipped into a drink containing say rohypnol, changes colour. One of the best comments was that is all well and good but how will you convince men to wear it. Also the chance a man will be raped increases significantly if he gets sent to prison.

    i almost gat raped at the seattle hempfest dis year…hell yea man cud b raped

    This is a very interesting question. Initially I would think no, but then again, logically, I know anything can happen.

    I will tell you when I was a PSO (phone sex operator) many of my clients (men) do have this fantasy. I know for myself, I was surprised, but it is true.

    Yes. A man forcefully shoves his wood inside the other mans buttocks against his will. You’re welcome.






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Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 38 total)
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