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dose any 1 remember there 1st time?!

Forums Drugs dose any 1 remember there 1st time?!

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  • can any 1 remember the first time they had an E?
    can ya remember what you first 1 was?
    and how it made ya feel?

    i remember my 1st was a pink butterfly!
    i was too scared to take a hole 1 so i done it in quaters!!

    it made me feel all warm inside and then i just felt really really happy and loved up!

    but i dont get like that any more!!!!!
    never mind its still fun!!!!!!!


    My first time was not too long ago on Halloween year 2003. I took a capsule that was clear and weighed out to be 2 and a half pills but didnt know what the name was, just that it was a capsule. I waited only twenty minutes and didnt feel nothing (should haved waited longer but didnt)so I took another pill called “blue heart”. Well I was in my friends uncles boarded up house so it was dark and we fixed it up by putting couches in it and bringing a generator for electricity. At 10:00 p.m it was me, my cousin, and our friend at the house and about twenty minutes later all these people showed up at once cause it was after this high school football game. Then everbody started popping the pills and I took the capsule at 10:30 p.m. Around 10:50 took a blue heart pill. Around 11:00 I got a massage from this one girl and like two minutes later I felt my pupils changing and then I felt really relaxed. The music which was trance sounded way better and I kept on talking to people and felt real close to everyone. Bassically it was just the best felling I had and it lasted until around 7:00 a.m.

    connected 1998, in toronto.
    white smiley, bouncing around the party with a permanent smile. never been that good since.

    Midsummers day 1991,Marcus Garvey Centre,Lenton Boulevard Nottingham-was there to see The Orb,Gary Clail and DIY,what it was i have no idea.

    The first time I did it I was really pissed and ended up not remembering approximately 4 hours of the evening, but I know I was having passionate sex with my (now) boyfriend……..the next day I thought I would rather have been aware of everything so I didnt do it for another year and a half.
    The next time was more like the first proper time. I was at The Green Gathering in Somerset last summer on top of the Mendips and didnt drink a drop of alcohol and it was so much better. I danced the entire night away, and chatted to people like never before in between cuddles with my boyfriend and having spliffs. By the time the sun came up I couldnt believe how nice everything was, I was on such a high.
    Have done it many times since, but must admit that its never quite been as good as last summer.

    At the time, my colleagues did a good job converting me from metalhead to eh… something bouncier. Went to a party in the catacombes of a church, liked the music (psychedelic trance) but couldn’t really dance to it. One Mitsu did the trick… danced for 8 hours, was happy and huggy (not diaper-like tho ;)), and in retrospect consider myself lucky the Mitsu was of good quality (results may vary on Mitsu’s).

    HOWEVER… having relocated to a less drugminded society, I do not miss xtc at all, for I find it gives you a very fake sense of belonging. I’d much prefer decent blotters and fly off to fairyland…

    Man my first time was in 99. We were on our way to a b-day party at this bar in Phoenix. I was in the backseat of my budies truck and he was driving with another friend of mine. Mike looks in the rear view mirror at me and says “hey Robbie, open the top of that armrest and grab that lil white pill” So I grabs it. Than mikes like “bite it in half and swallow half and give me the other piece” Well I’m pretty sure everyone here has bitin a “tic-tac” in half, it dont break even so of course I take the bigger piece. 20 minutes later we pull up to the bar, I gets out of the truck and oh man, lil robbie discovered something new, and robbie like! Needless to say I only knew the two people I rode there with, so I’m sure you can imagine me! Lets just say my nickname isnt discobiscuit for just any reason.

    93 in the Plymouth Warehouse and i was in heaven. But I don’t find them so heavenly any more, I think the effects have changed or maybe they are just shit quality. I’m more into mushrooms now…I thought ecstasy was something amazing which would change the world but it really wasn’t like that. I suppose money came into it. Mushrooms are straight from nature and it cuts all that crap out.

    95. When I was 15 on my shool lunch break, what an idiot. Apple I think.

    I remember every time on e — but since i tried EX 1 & Metaboost Legal highs, i am NEVER doing a skaggey keteeee pill again!!! UP SIDA CORDIFOLIA!!!! WHOS WITH ME????????????????

    i remember my first e JUNE 1996 – DOUBLE DOVE was mixed with feelings of sickness and comedowns which never end – But my first legal e 2 weeks ago BLEW MY MIND – i was at Bar Rumbha for thursday nite movementmadness and i have never HAD IT SO LARGE OR SO I ALMOSTY PASSED OUT — THE BEST HIGH EVA

    Hmmm, At a party called Sweater Beats,1999 I figured I’d finally try one since I’ve been to the first how many parties sober. I did 2 pures. Gell caps with MDMA powder! I met sooo many wonderful people that night. Best feeling ever.

    WARNING..nevr drink too much water when doin ex. My first pill was a white blank. After drinking way too much water, I popped my pill, drove to a park with a grip of my friends. I ran down a hill then up a hill up the slide and then…it hit me. WOW!!! It creeped from the base of my spine to my forehead and I was rolling balls! I soon realized my mistake in drinking too much water and puked heavily. I was the best damned puke ever though. AAAH! It felt great. my bud Jon was all like, “wow..that must have felt great.” my best pill ever though was a yellow CHANEL!!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEE! Im from San diego area. Wassup yall?! Ive done over 160 pills in the past 3 years..weeeeeheeee. Yup Im a little quazy


    First pill, was in about 88, they’d cost you a tenner and be as fat as they are now round and would keep ya goin all bloody night,why do peeps charge so much for MDMA when it’s what we should be gettin in the first place? Anyways, the little buggers melt yer head,spine and creativeness after a bit, so play it cool!

    much love






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Forums Drugs dose any 1 remember there 1st time?!