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  • Well- it is noisy, it’s probably a health risk but I’m not entirely sure how much environmental problems you can cause in an old quarry?

    I’d fucking love it if there was one though. I thought that the website said they were taking a break?

    I would like the festival to go ahead, but tbh I think there’s too many hardcore bleedin’ techno sound systems, usually 24/7 which you can hear clearly in the nearest village (Los Tablones), and too much of that heavy English brew crew element to it as well. This is probably not what the people at Los Cigaronnes intended it to be, but if these sound systems turn up then who can stop them? Problem with the free festival…:/

    I’ve been twice and think the people at cigaronnes are lovely, they looked after us well but industrial harcore thrash at full volume all bloody night even before the festival’s started is not my idea of a free festival, freedom is also about respect for others, otherwise freedom becomes tyranny.

    i will be making my way to the site im sure .. and i feel every other crew will be aswell ! :weee:

    enjoy people ! :love:

    What the Dragon Fest isn’t?
    We asked this question to A group of Disorganisers and this is what they said.
    It’s not a teknival.
    Nor a profit making venture for individuals.
    An ecological threat to the riverbed.
    An opportunity to flex your ego-K sound system.
    It is a really good laugh!


    Dragon Festival Orgiva Grenada Spain: What is the Dragon Festival?

    ooooo i didnt even know that existed! its not in the UK right?

    photographthesun;237544 wrote:
    ooooo i didnt even know that existed! its not in the UK right?

    Its in Spain mate

    Dragon festival is way much more than a festival.

    It is a place where freedom really means FREEDOM.

    I’ve been there for 3 times, and every year is better, more open, less “just hardcore behaviour” people, and much more different ways of understanding music and joy.

    Dragon is much more than a festival; you don’t have to pay to enter, there is no need of security, you are free for selling, buying, giving, getting.., we’re all mature enough to handle this. I don’t know any other place where you can feel like at Dragon Festival, and for myself it means a lot. When I was around 16 I realized I live with many other people that I could never “get rid” of, in the way that there are some things or behaviours that would never be accepted.

    Dragon is a place where I can feel closer to the liberation of that, and not for myself but for what I see in others. One consideration is to be enough evolutionated, and we are, as it has been demostrated for 11 years. Other consideration is to “do what ever you want without anoying anyone”.

    mushroom;237529 wrote:
    freedom is also about respect for others, otherwise freedom becomes tyranny.

    four years of waiting and this is your first post! It is a gem though :bounce_fl :bounce_fl :bounce_fl

    After 10 years I’m sure lots of people have changed and their ideas of a good night have changed, so it is inevitable that what they see as a good festival will change. However for some maybe lots this will be their fisrt experience of a propper free festival so for them the joy of 24 hour noise pollution for 4 or 5 days is pure heaven. The vibe has always been about just doing it with people /rigs turning up and what will be will be. There has also been ego’s over sizes of rigs and unheard pleas for people to limit it to 10k. We all know how given the chance for a moment of freedom we always, always want to push it and turn things up.

    I’ll be going and I know others who will be going, lots of people will share the view that the land/ space doesn’t belong to anyone so it should and will happen.

    All the above has nothing to do with the environmental impact. It is the responsibiility of everyone who attends any party to clean up their rubbish. Parties are diy events and the same goes for rubbish we create. Cleaning up is a minimum, in many ways we should leave places cleaner than when we arrived. If people took responsibility for their actions then we would have a stronger force behind our arguement and people might be able to party more in the uk rather than traveling to spain.

    The only valid reason for not having the Dragon festival is because it encourages people to fly!

    welly;238088 wrote:
    The only valid reason for not having the Dragon festival is because it encourages people to fly!

    I don’t understand it, hehe.

    Dragon Festival is really something unique in spain. From my point of view the only reason for not doing it is that it distubes some people. I really regret doing things that mean to molest others.

    It would be lovely to be able to make people who don’t like the dragon to happen(I guess the people who live permanently around Orgiva, and they’re totally in their right) realize what the dragon means; in that direction I would like to help and do something.

    Big regards to all!!.


    is there anybody out there?

    anybody who is thinking “what can I do to contribute to this festival / make it happen / resolve some of the conflict surrounding it?”

    aguadulce;238092 wrote:
    I would like to help and do something.

    ok i will answer my own question, this geezer, in my humble opinion is thinking along the right lines.

    its all the usual suspects as far as what is needed to make the party happen eg:

    *some fundraising to pay for infrastructure (bins & rubbush collection, Toilet facillities, first aid & welfare, etc etc)

    *awareness raising; letting people know that its posssible to be involved, advice about taking care of your own litter/shite/parking/general safety on site

    *volunteers to prepare the festival site beforehand, building spaces, constructing loos, decorating, flags, bins etc

    *volunteers to help with stewarding (traffic control!!!), first-aiders, welfare etc DURING the party

    *volunteers to litter-pick, dismantle spaces, take down decor/flags etc

    er, I’m sure I’ve missed stuff off this list and am sure that this will be pointed out in due course

    basically, without any of this help & support being offered beforehand the dragon as we know is a lot less likely to happen in 2009…

    I don’t think as a person in England I even have the right to decide whether a festival happens in another nation. It is the decision of the people what live locally who are most closely affected by it.

    I also am a bit concerned about the motives of some people from my country. To put it bluntly, they only attend or contribute to festivals in foreign nations because they have fucked things up in England by not looking after environment/overdoing the noise and drugs, and the Police in England have become harsher about stopping outdoor events.

    some fund their travels by selling addictive drugs like ketamine, for higher prices than they would to English people. These same people, when Spanish people come to London to squat or have parties, say “oh, too many foreigners”.

    they simply take advantage of less strong laws in European countries to party, then they fuck off and leave the “natives” to clear up.

    of course there are UK crews and people what genuinely love Europe and positive multiculturalism and attend Euro-fests for the right reason, but there are too many hangers-on what latch on to the good people and turn good things bad.

    perhaps the local crews should either take a break, or definitely make sure they do the things troopdeloop says, to have dialogue with the locals and ensure the promises are fulfilled, otherwise the festival will get locked down like lots of other countries.

    Auch wenn du am Abgrund stehst, und gar nichts mehr verstehst,
    wachen Engel über dich, halten dich im Licht und lassen dich nie fallen.

    i for 1 would love the dragon to go ahead again in 09. the past 3 years iv been and its been the soundest festival i know of in terms of people spirit music place, everything. im not a great ideas-man but lets all find a way of keeping it going without the problems that are coming up. e.g.TIDY UP YOUR OWN JUNK!

    absolutely yes, but we can think on the Autorities, because is the bigger free rave on europe, that’s mean something!

    i want to make the 2009 Dragon Fest, but i think in security-health, and the nature respekt.

    be raver my friend!






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