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  • Hi peeps,

    I’m new here and was just wondering if any of you have ever been to an illegal rave? i was at one on saturday and had the time of my life!! i got wel and truly fuct! Let me know what you think of outdoor raves.


    This site is dedicated to free parties, so we sure ain’t against them! As long as party people behave responsibly and respectfully, and leave the site as they found it. More on good party attendance…


    It’s arguable, but a free party only becomes an illegal event once the police have declared it that way, until then it’s just unlicenced. I think…

    All that aside, free party is good! 🙂


    Originally posted by Site
    It’s arguable, but a free party only becomes an illegal event once the police have declared it that way, until then it’s just unlicenced. I think…

    All that aside, free party is good! 🙂

    Dr Bunsen

    AFAIK thats the case in England and Wales. I am not sure of the situation in Scotland as the laws are different there and trespass may be a “criminal offence” (Nomad? do you know what the score is up there?)

    And for the party to be declared illegal it must be causing “serious distress”. The benchmark is apparently 3 separate calls to the Police from local residents complaining about noise or anti-social behaviour.

    There has unfortunately been a large backlash against them from the wider public due to allegations of local disruption and/or damage to property – but most crews are careful to avoid this, so if people attending parties follow the advice that Andy posted in his link there should be less justification for the backlash.

    yes of coarse freeparties are the best, u get to meet so many people with so many different views on life and ways to live etc but one thing always reminds u that we are all there for one thing to party and endure the sound of gr8 music. I also agree with Andy though leave party sites how u found them!!!!!

    free parties are the way forward! not only are they…free….but at no other club and organised event will you find such uniquely interesting people and have such a bizarrely amazing time.In one evening at a free party last year, on wales/england borders, i rode a tractor, got married to my mate on a rock with sheep as our witness, munched a few shroomz and chased umbrella’s around a forest. Flew a kite with a complete stranger,and bounced around a dance tent on a pink space hopper, before returning to big red bus (complete with fish in tank on dashboard) at whatever O’Clock in morning, proceeding to pass out in boot of mates car, only to wake up 2 miles from party area, surrounded by cops (after ppl had tried to bump start car, not realising someone was inside) and then had to help cops push car. rode in a “cu*tstables” car whilst he muttered something about ” too many ppl with too many chemicals inside them”, nodded a little, gurned a little, went back to party….and went about my day. now where could you find a club in which to participate in such silliness?! (if anyone knows of one…let me know!)

    i started going to raves along time ago before the criminaljustice act came underpower (bastards) they are best thing i have ever been to just the energy the people and music make it magical. glad u have experienced a rave as they are getting less frequent nowerdays but i think we should bring it all back. the last on i went was last week and it was ace.

    I’ve never been to an outdoor rave (in the country) and feel I am missing something…


    I’m 15 and my name’s Elanor and I think that Illegal raves are the best! You can go totally crazy and no one cares because they are already tripping off their heads. Totally smashed and fucked. It’s a well good vibe and you get to meet some well cool people. If you get the chance to go to one fucking do even if you have to work the next morning or you’re driving home from shopping. Just pull your car over, get in there and do your stuf. I know you probably think, well she’s just 15. How can she know anything but believe me I’ve a wild child ever since I was born and us teens know a lot more than so called adults like to think we do…

    Oh and one thing to remember! If you go to an outside rave make sure you have a tent lurking in the back of your wheels and a blanket or coat or two and be prepared to help people out and share or you may as well be on your own.

    Anyway enough of me going on. Party on!

    Love El XXX

    Just remember you’re in control. So stay in control and don’t let anyone ever tell you that you’re not. So have a good life and have fun!

    If ne1 lives in chesire near S-O-T or crewe area theres an illegal rave in linley which is right next to Alsager ask around for the date 24/7 or Chris Wilkinson is the main DJ who if u havnt heard definately should

    Hi All Was wondering if you could help. I am from Central Scotland, was wondering if there were any parties near to me. Thanks.

    Check out for up to date do’s people.

    They aint as good as they were, due to the prescence of crack heads and muggers in london but good luck. I do free parties and stuff in legal venues…

    Stonka Sound System London.

    For those up for it: TimeBomb @ Dunjens, Leabridge Road, London E10 on 12/6/04.

    Headfuk Uglyfunk, Dead Silence and Stonka Sound Systems.

    Playing all kinds of teknival sounds, hardtek, hardcore, breakcore, drum n bass, electro, mash-up bizzness

    Checkout SquatJuice for more details, cheers!

    Anyone looking for raves in the East Anglia (UK) should check out:

    aspiring hard dance bedroom djs we want to hear from anyone who could be of any help organizing i raves,warwickshire areas or anywhere!

    tips on equipment , gettin word about without alertin the old bill,reply to






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