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  • not in the U.K. but adderall

    I’m in the UK and it would have to be an opiate, probably diconal. Would taje that every day a few years back. Now I’m very interesting in ritaling.

    I’ve never tried either of them, I’ve been taking Morphine ( MST & Sevredol ) along with Pregabalin and Amytriptolene for the say couple of years , have you tried these?

    Yes all of em, diconal (dipapanone hcl and cyclizine) is very similar to korphine but longer acting.


    It’s a very rare thing indeed, mush harder to get a script for that than morphine. Also had pethedine 50mg tablets which are rare also and almost never used other than in childbirth. Tried getting soke when my son was born but had to settle for nitrous lol.

    There will absolutely be a market but I would never part with any when I could get them and that;s going back a while.

    Talking about drugs and usage is fine mate but guying and selling here is a big no no.


    Can understand your siruation man. Selling here isn’t just against the rules but advertising stuff like that on a punlic forum that is watched by the authorities is asking for trouble.

    Yeah I’ve saw people advertising both selling and buying on here, not the brightest idea for sure when anyone can join up on here eh, each to their own I suppose.

    Well there are sponsored vendors here that sell legal research chemicals but they sponsor those threads. you don’t even need to join to reaf and post I don’t think, definitely not to just read and if you look at the people online statistic at the bottom of the forum home page you’ll see it’s in the thousands and compare that to the number of regist5ered users online and you’ll understand.

    Welcome to the forum btw.

    Thanks mate! I couldn’t sleep last night and rather than counting sheep I found myself in here having a look about ��

    Sheep are for food and clothes mate, what you need is a calculator :lol_big: . Find anything interesting

    That’s a fair point ��. I’m a absolute wanker when it comes to online gambling ��, so I decided to search for something else that interests me… And here we are.. I was just reading people’s takes on tramadol and morphine, i didn’t realise this was an international forum. Is it mainly US or does it have a good UK following aswell?

    I’m from the UK but people are here from all over the world. Switzerland, Denmark, Australia I believe and the forum is even tolerant enough to allow Americans to post 😉

    Haha, I’m from the UK aswell, Bonnie Scotland to be precise ��





Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 68 total)
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