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  • To all the headz……..

    I-a little Irish leprachaun and my trusted companion are making a documentry about the free party culture. We are travelling around europe hoping to catch as many teknivals or free parties or festivals as we can and represent the free party scene with the respect it deserves!ie in a non-cheezy , non comercial manner.

    We are looking for help and suggestions.if anyone knows of any serious parties goin on in jul/Aug anywhere in Europe could you let us know? We’d really appreciate your help.

    As for the london tekno headz. You lunatics..I’ll probably bump in to some of you soon. Still missing the London party scene-its not the same over here!
    Headfuck keep the parties rolling. That gallery party is a wicked idea.
    Take it eeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaazzyyyyy lads and lasses,







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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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Forums Rave Festivals Free parties/festivals/teknivals