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How to Freebase, Press or Re-rock Cocaine?

Forums Drugs Cocaine & Crack How to Freebase, Press or Re-rock Cocaine?

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  • i know i know! lol but im not trying to be funny all these people are giving fucked up bullshit advice when they just heard or seen the shit in a movie

    i’d rather have the inexperience and not have done 5 years in prison

    for a horrible drug which fucks up loads of lives and countries

    lol! ya me too but i made a mistake and learned from it

    good for you….. or is it bad

    lol ya im just better at it now!! jk


    @xcriminalxvicex 68274 wrote:

    Well in my corner of the world, processing crack, is called cooking for obvious reasons.

    Re-rocking, for what I have found in my quest to learn the techniques, is a closely guarded secret in the drug trade.

    A new acquaintance of mine put it simply and wonderfully just the other night…

    “You should teach him how to do it.”

    “If I do that I’ll make the nigga rich.”

    People like buying coke in “rock” form, because they feel more secure in that:

    A. Its not all cut

    B. Its not cut to shit

    A lot of people who snort coke don’t like my product because its all powder, sure its ready to go, but every time they buy a bag, they are wondering if they are paying for baking soda. If i knew how to re-rock it, I wouldn’t have this issue.

    The Secret of Re-rocking, its become my personal Holy Grail. I’ll get to the bottom of it in due time.

    Well Criminal vice you dont have to try to get to the bottom of this any longer cause i got all the answers to your questions and to me they are very simple and easy to answer….. Just Email me at

    k so just email me and ill tell you how to do it

    @gumz 71847 wrote:

    What do you mean about re-pressing it? Is that like compacting it together?

    I think I know what you’re talking about. Whats a re-press called?

    Does anyone know?

    what you mean whats a re-press called .. that doesnt make sence … but to re-press the coke is easy bud … all you need to do is go to princess auto and buY a 12 to 20 ton barring press right ….then after you cut it and all, thEN all you need to do is make the mold pieces … they have to be steal and you get one hollow steal piece and the other one is solid so the solid one goes threw the hollow one hear me ….then you just jack it up as much as you can and your powder problem will be no longer a problem for you ….. and heres plan B if you cant get the steal mould pieces …. k the barring press come with 2 steal plate things … you can just put the yayo inbetween them and jack it up as much as you can … that way still works but not nearly as good as the mould pieces

    @baztheacidman 361886 wrote:

    i know i know! lol but im not trying to be funny all these people are giving fucked up bullshit advice when they just heard or seen the shit in a movie

    So give me tha right advice. I keep hearing so many different ways and I want tha best way. Big thangs bout to be poppin off and well, knowledge is power.

    make money

    simply take your product that you bought from your connect then buy a coffe grinder, then dextrose, then buy some parchmen paper.
    turn on you oven to 420 before u start this process

    step one take your product and put it in a bowl
    step 2 break or sqwish product till it becomes powder and not chunky
    step 3 put product in coffe grinder n mix it up for a lil bit make sure to hold the lid tight
    and when u stop grinding product juz leave it dont open for five min tap the lid with the back of the spoon once
    step4 now add in the grinder deseired amount of dextrose or cut of your choice usually 40% is good
    Step five mix up the two in the grinder dont open lid for five min
    step 6 turn oven off and turn oven light on
    step 7 grab a cookie shit with not a deep pan
    step 8 parchmen paper on cookie sheet
    step 9 put the mixed product on the parchum paper in the middle n spread it around make sure to leave lots of room round the sides
    step 10 put in oven dont close door n dont go ne were keep your eyes on it juz wanna heat it up for a bunch of second if u see any liquod startn pulll out immeditaly dont put in for long
    step 11 take out n put the parcum papr on the counter get rrid of the pan
    step 12put the product in a bag and squeeze it with ur hand for a min or two

    *if needing to do alot buy a food proccessr
    * a vacum sealer is good for large amunts instead of sqeezing with youer hand

    its not a well gaurded secret but it is extremely hard to do. the easiest way is a microwave and a pyrex or shot glass make sure the product is a fine powder ur cutting agent is a fine powder mix them together put in container add a certain chemical and you have hare coke rocks to cut up and sell this is the best and fastest way to do it. the chemiical you have to find out on your own but be carefull not to kill anyone

    Partyeh seems to be right. I remember getting some and it being a little brown which makes sense with putting it in the oven. They obviously burned it.

    But… What is the liquid you use to put into it? I think you left that part out in your steps… I’m assuming acetone?

    Fuck making crack. Just found out today that one of my old mates from London is now a crackhead and he’s stealing stuff from his mum’s house to fund his habit, dealers threatening to burn the house down etc.






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Forums Drugs Cocaine & Crack How to Freebase, Press or Re-rock Cocaine?