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How to Freebase, Press or Re-rock Cocaine?

Forums Drugs Cocaine & Crack How to Freebase, Press or Re-rock Cocaine?

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  • @partyeh 432175 wrote:

    simply take your product that you bought from your connect then buy a coffe grinder, then dextrose, then buy some parchmen paper.
    turn on you oven to 420 before u start this process

    step one take your product and put it in a bowl
    step 2 break or sqwish product till it becomes powder and not chunky
    step 3 put product in coffe grinder n mix it up for a lil bit make sure to hold the lid tight
    and when u stop grinding product juz leave it dont open for five min tap the lid with the back of the spoon once
    step4 now add in the grinder deseired amount of dextrose or cut of your choice usually 40% is good
    Step five mix up the two in the grinder dont open lid for five min
    step 6 turn oven off and turn oven light on
    step 7 grab a cookie shit with not a deep pan
    step 8 parchmen paper on cookie sheet
    step 9 put the mixed product on the parchum paper in the middle n spread it around make sure to leave lots of room round the sides
    step 10 put in oven dont close door n dont go ne were keep your eyes on it juz wanna heat it up for a bunch of second if u see any liquod startn pulll out immeditaly dont put in for long
    step 11 take out n put the parcum papr on the counter get rrid of the pan
    step 12put the product in a bag and squeeze it with ur hand for a min or two

    *if needing to do alot buy a food proccessr
    * a vacum sealer is good for large amunts instead of sqeezing with youer hand

    and what was the end result?

    You can re-rock powder cocaine by cutting with what ever (but I wouldnt use baking soda cuz it burns when u snort it) I always used Inisitol it is a supplement also reffered to as baby laxative it is odorless and tasteless. After u cut it u spray it down using spray bottle with acetone then u press it into a brick or u can use a foodsaver after u have it pressed u bake it in the oven at 140 degrees for 20-30 min so that the acetone evaporates. The finished product is powder cocaine that is chunk form.

    i use pure ether instead of acetone it takes out the impurities

    you can re wash the crack by putting a rock into a table spoon and add a few drops of water .. on the top of the water you should start to see a film of something this is the crack thats forming again, by using a sharp knife get all the film off the top of the water .And place all the film from off the top of the water onto a tissue giving it time to dry out properly.
    All the stuff thats left in the bottom is the crap( ie bicarbonate of soda or ammonia )which was left in the rock either through not washing it out properly to make the weight up as the cocaine is not high grade enough to make the dealer proper money .

    Whether ur starting with coke or crack.hes either adding another cut to crack to yield more,or trying to make a smokable cocaine substance as rockect fuel a gel or ur trying to make crack the amount of water isnt the big issue it the temp of it an when to add u gotta know how much substance to add per gram.its the heat an then the addition of the ice or very cold water at the right time the causes the chem reaction.ur not gunna get a recipe here brocrack is disguesting.

    n unless u live on south America its cut.any cookin of it makes a smokable substance.but it can b broken back down to liquid cocaine that can be adding vineger to crack makes it a liquid cocaine.i dont think u know what ur talking about.u cant take a powderd cocain an cook the cut out.heat+h2o+cocaine=cocaine whenever u heat coke an water r heated. Together its not a snortable substance.n if u aint got a quater aint worth it just buy crack.u try to rock a gram ull lose $.Cokes disguesting as is crack.

    U May b able to repress it but more than likly ull need to add a binding agent n that will lessen quaility once more

    Alright this shit is getting ridiculous lol. most of the ways to re rock on here will have the shit crumbling in ur hand a few hours later lol. This is the real deal on how you do it. There have been bits and pieces of ppls shit that is correct but not really the full process. Its more like they have a friend or have heard about it and just trying to piece together as much as they can while sounding like they actually know what theyre talking about. Y, I have no clue why ppl feel the need to try and act like the know whats up when it comes to getting $.

    1. Take your coke and powder it all up.
    2. Then take your cut(inositol is best and can add a little lidocaine powder if u have it) and mix with the coke powder.
    3. Now take acetone or ether(acetone is usually easier and less conspicuous) and add that to the powder mixture just enough so its all a little damp.
    4. With that mixture you put it on a t-shirt or filter whatever u wanna use and squeeze the shit out f it to try and get as much of liquid out as you can.
    5. Take a mold( cookie cutters work or just anything metal) and put the coke mixture w the t-shirt still around it in the mold. Find something that matches the shape of the mold so it will compress it.
    6. Now with a vice, a hydraulic press or whatever the fuck you want to use press the shit out of it.
    7. Now if u open up the shirt u will have pressed coke but will still have some moisture.
    8. put oven on the lowest possible heat setting, keep the door open and throw it in there. make sure u watch it and once it feels like all the moisture is gone then ya take it out and what you have left over is hard coke that’s isn’t going to powder up when u put it in ur pocket like 90% of methods ive seen on here. Please use inositol powder though as your main cut. Its for cellular hydration and will not negatively effect someobody like stimulant cuts will. Now everyone on here knows how to do it. Im sure ppl have had success with other ways but I know for a fact this 100% works. Make sure u do a test run with a small amount. Some batches can be more sensitive to heat and kinda react weird and turn brown. If that’s the case then instead of using the oven the use some food warming lights or something that is only light heat so it cant burn.

    I know where to get pure Cocaine and alot other stuff. Dutch prices and the best quality !

    Yeah I think nonhuman has it right. it should be acetone is what you use

    @gumz 59159 wrote:

    My buddy and I were talking about how his friend re-rocks cocaine which got me thinking. Does anyone on here know what I’m talking about? I didn’t really understand what he meant but it’s about taking coke and mixing it with whatever (i.e: BakinSoda, vitamin B12 or whatever) and doing something to make it back into solid form although not crack. So any help would be appreciated. I know pure Yayo comes in powder form but people like it in a small white rock…

    One let’s set things straight pure coke comes in a rock and never turns into fine power just smaller and smaller rocks

    Two : best way to check for good coke is to take a small amount and rub it with 2 fingers. If it disappears into a oil like substance then it’s good the fast it turns into oil the better it is.

    Three : to re rock cocaine you would cut it with b12 or baby laxatives then get a coffee filter put the coke into it all in a big mountain on the side and pure some acetone on it. The. Compress it into a rock or ball like shape. Once you do that hold it in front of a heat dish for about 10 min or so till it drys up and there you are bag it and sell it

    yea, i started to make madd money after using this…
    if your willing to invest such money in it, you mind as well be willing to invest in how to do it properly because nobody is going to give you proper instructions forget about their “secrets”

    Re-Rock Manual

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    I’ve never had need nor want to bother with this sort of shit, I will say that I know for a fact iliesse knows exactly what he’s doing though.






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