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  • There’s ton’s of stuff in the music press at the moment about club’s cutting back on the amount of night’s they do or closing altogether, cos of a lack of punters willing to support a club week in week out.

    Seems like most folks want a big event rather than what may have become the mundane experience of attending the same club/s.
    Does this mean that some of these former clubbers will start coming to free parties?

    Part of the reason our crew do free parties is to get away from a certain section of the clubbing population who most of us would rather avoid at the best of times anyway,so the thought of them turning up and ruining decent free party goers events is pretty scary! 🙁

    yea ppl are tired of bigbig superclubs!!

    all want to get back 2 grassroots…. but not all know what that means… ppl show up that were the reason u got away from the bigbig parties in the 1st place!


    Part of the reason our crew do free parties is to get away from a certain section of the clubbing population who most of us would rather avoid at the best of times anyway,so the thought of them turning up and ruining decent free party goers events is pretty scary

    Who’s that then? the Crack heads? the ‘K’ heads?

    I will go to anything with a good vibe, be it club/party/squat/festi or gig and the point is to meet a diverse crossection of life.

    To start trying to put people in Boxes is surely self defeating bigotry? Aren’t crusties discriminated against? There is no difference between a clubber and a party-goer except perhaps a desire for a working toilet and perhaps a bit more money to spend on the door not with the dealer.

    Yes people are getting tired of Big money hungry venues that pack you in (probably because the drug quality’s dropping and they’re noticing) Just as some are tired of Crack-head rudies mugging at parties, and drooling K-holed messes falling all over your Joint.

    There is room for all sorts on the scene/s and a superior “I don’t want” this type of person”Attitude” is not what I expected from the Underground scene.

    I cannot speak for the UK, however I can speak for the injustice in MY corner of the world:

    Here in the USA, law enforcement holds THE PROMOTERS responsible for what is in the party-goers pockets….

    I am a promoter & although I enforce a very thorough search @ the door, we cannot search asscracks or other body cavities. So, ineveitably, some things will get through the door…

    And when the cops bust into the party, the FIRST thing these ppl do is throw their shit on the floor…. & whoever is STANDING ‘close’ to the drugs will be charged, as well as the ppl who organized the event & the owners of the venue (its called the R.A.V.E. Act…. reducing americans vulnerability to ecstasy act….. and the ‘CrackHouse Law’)…

    So I dont see your point about being disapointed in ppl such as myself who are SICK of crackheads & K-heads, etc ruining the whole thing…. You can sit there & say that drugs are just a ‘part of the scene’ & a ‘cross section of life’.. but I dont think that the cops want 2 hear that from me when theyre putting ME in handcuffs…

    I think it is a SAD SAD thing for ppl to disrespect all the hard work promoters put into organizing the event by turning it into a drugden & then flinging their drugs onto the floor when cops come in for us to be held responsible!!!!!

    And thats where Im coming from!!!!!!!!

    I would welcome anyone to one of our parties as long as they respect the other people who have come to enjoy themselves,if someone cant do that, for whatever reason, then they are not welcome.
    simple as that-no “superior attitude” just a desire for all our punters to get along and a willingness to try to make it work.

    If clubs are closing down,then we can all expect an increase in the numbers attending free parties,hopefully as many people as possible will see what were trying to do and join in,not fight against it.

    I think the fact you said ‘Turning up and ruining’ is what fired my rocket.

    Why not assume they will turn up and revel in the atmosphere.

    Lady, I don’t think you can blame people for wanting to take drugs (its been going on since the dawn of time) or for throwing their shit on the floor when the Filth arrives, I know I wouldn’t stand there saying “These are my drugs its a fair cop”. You should be angry at a legal system that says Alcohol is legal and taxable but Grass is criminal and we will lock you up.

    The hypocrisy of government that criminalize the margins of society as a means of control while raking in millions through pharmaceutical companies is sickening.

    Yes people want to take E at parties and acid and weed how do you think the party scene started? there would be no rave culture if it weren’t for E.

    Get angry at the fucking arseholes who have made enjoying yourself through Natural/chemical highs illegal.

    Get yourself a good legal team, lookouts and perhaps try defending your right to party.

    You could set up delaying tactics at the door and disposal bins (chemical or fire) at sites around the building. How many cops will want to sift through a chemical shit-hole?

    perhaps not the most pratical of solutions but With imagination I am sure you could come up with something.

    sad sad sad…..

    ……… cliff I agree that b/c of law enforcement, drugs are illegal…..

    …….. but I REFUSE to be held responsible for what someone else has taken it upon THEMSELVES to do…

    ……. I QUIT drugs long ago, so I DO NOT think I should be held responsible for possession of drugs @ my event, especially when I have ‘NO DRUGS NO WEAPONS NO DRAMA’ on every flyer & posted at door!!

    ………………… all Im asking is this:

    ……….. partygoers, please understand that we all have 2 work 2gether to keep the scene going! I have done MY part (I organized the evnt, did flyers, booked djs, so on so on)…. now cant you do YOUR part & take your drugs BEFORE u come?…. or @ the very least, keep your drugs in your car… I let ppl re-enter as long as they have the bracelet!…

    ……….. I dont think it is right for ppl 2 throw their drugs on the floor- simply because whoever is closest to the drugs will be charged, regardless of whether or not they were the owners of that substance..

    ……………. Its all about choices; if u make the choice to take the drugs into a party, then DAMN right I think u should shoulder the repercussions of your actions…

    ………. To which someone will likely reply: ‘but u made the choice to have the party, so u should be responsible for what goes on’…. to which I have to reply that u are now thinking EXACTLY like a cop.

    hey. every time we do a free party i TRY to think EXACTLY like a cop-it helps no end.

    Imagine if at the time you were doing drugs, how you would have felt if someone asked what you are now asking?

    If you are putting on a party it is unreasonable to expect evryone to pop out to the car every time they want a nibble. Does it say please pop outside to score/do drugs? how are they supposed to know thats what you want?

    If you really want a drug free enviroment, may I suggest some form of christian church. Serouusly, if i was charge for possessing drugs someone else had thrown on the floor you would hear some fucking load shit, why is no-one activly changelling this crap?

    By the way, I work with crack and heroin addicts and used to cane it big-time.

    there is no way you can by charged with drugs found on the floor without at least fingerprint evidence. Or a blood test.

    I suggest you also get a group of people together and the next time there is a raid have at least seven people agree that they saw a cop throw the drugs at someones feet(choose an impecable ‘victim’) then you can ruin the cops career and send a warning to other cops that you stick up for each other and will fight back.

    You should get legal representation, there must be at least one person with legal knowelage on your sceene, exploit their knowelage, asl over the mic for legal people to come forward and fight your case.

    In the UK police would wreck systems, and treat people like shit if they could get away with it, The do try, but if you don’t fight for your rights you will always be victims.

    The underground music scene IS actively combating the injustice!….. MANY MANY petitions have been signed, marches have been held, & many cases have been fought in court.
    ……… We are not standing by idly while this is all happening… please dont get that impression………
    Im not even trying to be stand-offish w/ you, I am just appalled @ the whole situation…
    ……….. Its a shame that ‘The Land of the Free’ is really not that @ all….
    …. Our gov’t in general has really gone to crap!…….. I wish I lived in the UK!!  -

    Yeah thats true-at least we dont have a chimp for President

    Although the UK is a freer country to live and party in than the US. I’d argue there’s room for improvement, the situation in the US is just extreme…

    Hello Folks!!!!!

    Aint been here for a bit………

    As for ” Are the Super Clubs dying?” Well over here, UK, it seems that they are. I DJ for a soundsystem that has the occaissonal party behind the Ministry of Sound in London(we even had five people crawl under a load of parked vans, which had been used as an al-fresco toilet by quite few ppl by then, in the mistaken belief that they were sneaking into Ministry-haha, they stayed, said it was better than Ministry and vowed to return!!!

    Chalk one more victory for the free party scene!) and have to walk past the Ministrys quees to get to our place. They used to be massive, now half the size, the doormen have to wear kevlar jackets since two of them got shot at a Garage night(all that two step and D&B style basslines seems to hurt the heads of yer “normal” clubber)-they both lived but one will never walk again, they are cutting down the number of nights they open, the magazine is being shut down, etc.
    Up North, Cream and Gatecrasher have both shrunk.

    Though some of these clubs may have been upened by ppl from the scene, those ppl long since changed into champagne swilling execs who fly first class, have rollers and are NOTHING like the ppl the claimed to provide the club for. Bit like a lot of bands really, after the have become successful their lives change so wildly the music loses contact with where it came from, gets soft, unfocused, formulaic-same with clubs I’m afraid.

    Also, the drugs aint got weaker its just that fashions change, ppl get older, mortgages have to be payed, gotta get the kids to school, etc.

    A lot of amaller things are very busy now, have done a few myself recently in South London-packed- seem to be more popular these days-certainly a nicer feel to em, rather than thousands roaming from room to room. That kind of even only works if everyone is really E’d up, you know, all of them fluffy exuding goodwill to strangers, but the currently popular drugs do not produce that kind of effect, no, for a while, small will remain good I think, and the scene will be better for it-more diversity, less of the hammer, hammer, hammer same bloody beat all night shite that has been such a tyranny for so many years- anyway, I like this change.

    DEATH TO THE SUPERCLUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have been going to parties for years, and some underground (legalish) events, and one thing which I can’t stand and which has been happening are commercial dickheads who dont know what free partying is all about, going to free parties.I go to free parties to meet like minded people and to get away from the commercial heads. Then again those pricks usually end up at the Brighton Beach Party with big name DJs. 😮 😡 :rolleyes: 😎

    hey im new!
    yea the superclubs are gettin crappy!, everyones soddin gatecrasher off for insomniacz, ministry is half empty every weekend, i no why it is………i RAVE alot, down camden palace, bagleys (r.i.p), se1 etc etc……..the thing is at first all these big venues was full of ravers, but the greedy promoters over promoted and advertised the clubs to ‘clubbers’ and then it becomes to commercial. the whole point of a rave is it being slightly underground, and when the clubbers turn up it ruins it. last time i went ministry it was full of clubbers and the whole atmosphere had changed and the ravers didnt want to go anymore.:mad: lets just hope they dont start over advertising, the sanctury, camden palace and the fridge etc etc and the scene will survive!:)






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