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Ketamine is Killing the Rave Scene & Don’t You Know It

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  • This thread contains a discussion of the drug Ketamine, it’s use and effects…

    I am just writing to anyone who has information on Ketamine. I love it but don’t really know what the proper damages are. I know the Ketty we do is not horse tranq as we do a human form which is actually used as a cancer agent (believe it or not!).

    So does anyone else like it?

    erm, i know that if you do alot then it kills loads of brain cells and they dont grow back, but if you do it a couple of times a month then the cells re-form.
    its all good 😉

    do you know where to get some from, around the bristol area???? :rolleyes:
    prolly the only non-biased drugs info site on the web :rolleyes: [url=”http://null”%5Dnull%5B/url%5D

    wanna know about k?

    find a copy of the channel 4 documentary about Michael Alig-it’s called”Party Monster”-ithink!.Alig was a party organiser in nyc who used k(admitidly with a skip load of other drugs)at an astonishing rate,culminating in Alig killing his mate/k dealer for his stash.He gives a very frank interview-well worth seeking out.

    Also this is being made into a film with Marylin Manson taking part,might be worth keeping an eye out for.Not trying to shoot you down Tanniod-but best to know the downside too!!take care

    Dirk Diggler…..Any free party in bristol will have a shit load of donkey dust for your consumption. Just ask dont be shy!!! xxx

    i love all the headfuk parties ive been to big up u guys but the nauseous k heads can make your life a misery!!!what is the crack?fairplay try it once for the trip but k and music dont always mix!!!theres nothin worse than a k or for that matter any drug user gettin lary and voilent in ya face or that 1 person who i remember pickin up ya dek and throwin it on da floor!if it wasnt for cru members like yourself(h fuk)and your strong heads the rave scene woulda been over ages ago!!!take heed and big up headfuk for all da experiences ive had love u all!!!

    TRY: for some info on K and lots of other stuff like it. Good site-very informative.

    Erm… by the way, did you know that all ketamine is the same? “Human form” ketty and “Horse Tranq” (as you like to call it) is/does exactly the same thing- believe, I’m in the medical industry.

    Plus you probably pay more…

    oh dear……had a sneaking suspicion that was the case!

    Socially acceptable smack or ‘K’ will do various physical damage depending on quantities taken, and other factors such as alcohol, dehydration, there is also the risk of walking(if you can) under busses/down stairs etc.

    As a dissociative anesthetic it effects the brain in ways you should be interested in as a user,

    Some info here: as well as the site mentioned above,

    There is also a good drugs guide and some knowledgeable peeps at:

    You might also want to consider that psychological effects which can be very disturbing in some heavy users although there are conflicting reports about whether damage is permanent.

    As someone who has seen several friends die due to miss-use of Ketamine (admittedly in conjunction with alcohol) I advise you to research you drug use and take sensible precautions.

    Ketamine will often be processed in very cheap and nasty ways by amateur junkies looking to make a fast turnover. Poorly manufactured white powders of any kind can congeal in your blood – with potentially fatal consequences. This can be due to poor manufacture, and also the obvious addition of alien chemicals to bulk up the weight. Besides the physical health risks, there is a wealth of evidence to suggest the dissasterous effect long term use of the tranquiliser has on users mental health. I think using ketamine is fine. If you have four legs and a fondness for sugarlumps. Mushroom season is upon us, choose the natural alternative!

    A lot of interesting points raised by both Cliffchuff and Backroomboffin and i agree with you both.

    On a semi related note,Backroomboffin you make a reference to powders congealing in the blood-my girlfriend had a clot in her bloodstream that after a bit of travel ended up in her lung and probably came within hours of killing her-this clot was a result of a combination of smoking and taking the Pill(take note girls).

    Add this to what your saying Backroomboffin and your getting into pretty dodgy territory…….

    Some good info here, It aint dun mee no damij..
    Click here

    Interesting site-although worth noting that some of the info conflicts with the other sites mentioned so far-still worth a look!






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Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 1,958 total)
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Forums Drugs Ketamine Ketamine is Killing the Rave Scene & Don’t You Know It