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  • Hopefully those 3 PDFs will have reached you. I sent a UKPN one due to not knowing what the DNO is for your region (it could even be Scottish and Southern as you are on the border) – but the principles are the same. Even at “terra firma” the T-N-CS (PME) earthing scheme is a source of angst across Europe as it lets by stray electricity into the earth cable and upsets computers and audio equipment; and can also cause masts to be alive to electricity if something goes wrong (so it is discouraged and often banned in some sites). I will put up a video from work showing its flaws in action.

    Auch wenn du am Abgrund stehst, und gar nichts mehr verstehst,
    wachen Engel über dich, halten dich im Licht und lassen dich nie fallen.

    Yes, already arrived GL :).

    I watched a video from the helmetcam of a guy who changes the bulb on the top of the Empire State Building.I got so dizzy and nauseous just watching ut

    Chap who used to live behind me years ago, his dad was an steeple jack, guy used to do some fucking crazzzzzy shit, climbing outside of a tower to repair a couple of knackered LED’s, get £50,000 for it…..loopy shit.

    I do recall one time he got a job offer in Australia, had to climb a 200m tall mast to fit some sort of new lighting system, so planes/helicopters don’t crash in to it. He spent most of his life traveling around to world, he had 2 passports in one year as he’d filled the pages with stamps/visa’s (this was the 1980’s, when passport control still gave you an entry/exit stamp).

    Cool story but the 80’s… you’re really showing your age :good_evil


    @tryptameanie 970935 wrote:

    Even more insane one, to tired to bother with safety near the top.

    Is the guy sleeping the night in a similar sleeping bag like the alpinist climbing the mountains if he doesn’t finnish his work at time????

    I only looked the photo, not the video, but if he arrives there from a helicopter, hope his boss is not griddy and told him, ” as long the work is not done, u stay up there” (lol)

    @Digital Buddha 975118 wrote:

    Cool story but the 80’s… you’re really showing your age :good_evil

    I’m not actually as old as you’d think lol just had an odd upbringing, properly old skool and weird hahaha

    I checked your profile and you’ve only go 2 years on me give or take some months.

    Bloody youths!

    Compared to GL and mrs. robinson for sure

    That’s right Gylffi, shake your walking stick at him :laugh_at:

    I would but some skally stole it and my co-op bag of shopping.

    We’ll just replace it with a walker instead of the cane.

    I’d rather a mobility scooter with a .50BMG mounted on the front, would make the youth fear the aged lol

    I can fulfill either of those requests, the scooter or the 50 cal but not both in tandem, my boss said something about not aiding nascent terrorist organizations, which I take to mean not arming old folks.






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Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 37 total)
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