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New K2 Compound in Canadian Heroin Supply Amid Surging Fatal ODs

Forums Drugs Heroin & Opium New K2 Compound in Canadian Heroin Supply Amid Surging Fatal ODs

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  • Thats just wack to put something like that in anything that might be injected and I get the sense that Canadian heroin users probably aren’t smoking it cause its just not good enough quality to do that with often. Repugnant behavior but what do you expect?

    Fentanyl I could understand being cut into heroin, it was a total cunt thing to do but I understand it, if the dealers who did that at least did the maths then OD issues would have been far less. To put a totally different compound in the mix is reprehensible. I’ve smoked many many different synthetic cannabinoids and they are very potent and only get more potent Active in sub-milligram amounts and only a fool would vaporise the pure powder but obviously people who did’t know they had it did exactly that.

    Yeah this is verboten, it has to be the same type of drug to make it even remotely okay. Read the link and it said that people were acting crazy after the opioid was reversed, probably cause they’d just ingested K2 unknowingly. What a weird world.

    Exactly, they’ll have received naloxone to reverse the effects of the opioids but that won’t have touched the synthetic cannabinoid.

    Better than being dead but being brought back while having way too much synthetic cannabinoid would be a hell of an experience.

    I never went to far too quickly with the synthetics but I heard some horror stories about people that did. Theyare probably the biggest problem in British prisons too. Vaping even 1mg of this would fuck you up, that I can guarantee so even at 5%, people are vaping or injecting way more than that.

    They’ve kinda gotten pushed to the fringes in the USA but they keep getting weirder and weirder chemically as everything gets banned. Those JHW compounds are all gone and most of those were more reasonable, we have pockets in the USA where its a big problem but generally cannabis has supplanted it again because of legalization.

    Yeah these compounds evolve very quickly and all of the original compounds have been consigned to history by now. In America the increasing easing of cannabis laws makes them far less desirable but over here where the laws are still ridiculous they have much greater appeal.

    Also we have California as the near inexhaustible supplier of high quality outdoor grown marijuana and the UK is an island so its not as easy to meet the need from the black market. It is only a few urban ghettos in the Northeast USA and sometimes near military bases where K2 and such are still common.

    In my county it’s not a problem, the police don’t care about weed and allow people to grow their on, as long as no problems that bother anyone else arise from said endeavour they dont care. This s not a nationwide policy though and some police forces are as gung ho as ever against people smoking weed so obviously these compounds are much more prevalent in those areas. Also as I mentioned earlier very highly in demand in prisons. No odour, very easy to prepare, can just soak 50g of rolling tobacco in the cannabinoid, leave it to dry and there’s be no way to discern it had been treated without a very expensive chemical analysis.

    Illegal in this state but not much of a concern for many counties within the state although I’m sure some are still policing it hard. Also as long as you have an interstate that connects directly to California it’s gonna be abundant. Spice only is a problem in the Northeast where its farther away from California and trafficking from California isn’t worth it.

    Until people realising that cannabis prohibition forces people to harm themselves using far worse alternatives nothing will change.

    I think they know they’re just in denial or cognitive dissonance or stuck in their ways.

    Denial and indifference to their fellow man.

    Well as long as drug use is a “moral failing” in some eyes of those in power we’ll get this.






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Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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Forums Drugs Heroin & Opium New K2 Compound in Canadian Heroin Supply Amid Surging Fatal ODs