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  • Hi, yeah it is working coz I have just been on it, shame on your way for blocking it…. 😡

    If anyone out there izz experiencin probs wiv Dirty Circus. Then are you as bored as me… Whos going out dis weekend and where. Me and the Kingston Posse are goin to Temporary autonomous art tonite and tomorrow to display some art and sell stuff then Synthetic Circus on Saturday to sell stuff and rave it hard and hopefully bash any crack eads who dare to turn up.. wotz you Geez’s doin?

    aye, da circus has been 404 for a few dayz now – just when I have a load of time off work as boss told me to take some time off as I had so many days left (i’m not used 2 working in jobs where this happens [Wink]

    i wonder if DC was just becoming a money pit (I noticed they let two domains run out) and hassle for PaniK what with all the trolls and bickering – or someone fucked it with a DoS attack…. either that or all their servers are crashed.

    anyway I is not a Londoner any more so can’t afford 2 go to TAA (although wish Headfuk all da best from the Reading crew) but I am off on my bike 2 check out a new sqwot that the Reading crew have got 4 living in / workshop space.

    Auch wenn du am Abgrund stehst, und gar nichts mehr verstehst,
    wachen Engel über dich, halten dich im Licht und lassen dich nie fallen.

    current info is DC will be out for a while. The code has some probs and this has caused some hosting problems. Should be back sometime in the New Year

    I’ve been wondering what the story was with DC-good to know it will return [Tasty!]
    You’ve got me intrigued Moanz-what kind of art are you guys going to be displaying?

    nomad – helpin me bird and me mate. i made a few rave scrapbook type pictures cronicling the last 14 years of protest and raves. its mental trawling through archives on different websites and seeing pictures 10 years old wiv loads of old and familar faces. Me bird she does jewelary stuff and me udder mates are bring sado-art pictures which will be projected onto the cinema screen (its an old cinema in hampstead heath). plus goin therre to socialise – itsa wicked place to catch up wiv all the summer european rave mates whove come back for winter.
    If us townies can make reading for your parties – you geez’s shud make an effort to come to 1 of a very few decent safe london parties…. synthetic cirus will be loads of made shows – once they did a gabba autopsy monty python stylee – buckets of fake blood and gutz bein thrown into crowd and sinister surgeons and of course a more than awake patient

    Moanz: at least some the Reading crew would have been well up for London/TAA this weekend (say hello to Headfuk from us…), but the (residential) squat got evicted this week – they’ve got a new 1 but its all hands to the removals / building maintenance crew this weekend and the fucking van got impounded for no tax!!! – sorry guyz and galz

    its the first few days in a new building so every1 is settling in and dealing with the upheaval of the previous eviction so it wouldn’t be fair 2 leave just 1 or 2 people on guard duty in a half-moved into building for the weekend whilst the rest fuck off to Lahndan for a party…

    Auch wenn du am Abgrund stehst, und gar nichts mehr verstehst,
    wachen Engel über dich, halten dich im Licht und lassen dich nie fallen.

    Moanz:The TAA thing sounds interesting-makes me wish i stayed closer to London!

    ‘and so they scattered far and wide…’

    oi technician kc – u lot planning on doing any more midweek sessions down this way?

    Hello fellow dcers, things been quiet since DC shut its doors!
    Just heard about the eviction in Reading. Hope everything gets sorted out for them.

    Right DC refugees, it looks like our Realpolice ( ttp:// )orum squat days are numbered.

    Unfortunately it seems that those American cops, far from being the likable, jovial cads we’re used to in this country, are bigoted fools.

    The squat has been very successful with 4 out of 5 of the sites current visitors being DC folks!

    Hmm. Well I’d like to suggest a solution – forum of the week. Each week we’ll invade a random message board with the express intention of spouting the usual mindless bollocks.

    Any suggestions nomads?

    Hi yoda 🙂 Yes we will. “Mango Lassi” will be running fortnightly from 15th January through until the end of June, on Wednesdays in the back room of The Star in Guildford. We’ve got plans to give a few local animators and filmmakers a chance to show work on the big screen and talking to some other performers about possible PA’s

    Hope to see you there

    I’m still floatin around waiting for good ol DC to rise from the flames!!!

    hope every1 has a wikkid xmas and all things go off ok!!!
    i’ll be hibernating and hiding at home for a while!!

    i am rite in thinkin that there is a forum squat in progress then gull???

    i like it.

    Well, now I can actually post to the forums again…

    Cherry Mishmash and a Happy New Year to all DC’ers and all the rest of ya.

    We’ll be out with ITSy BITSy on NYE so hope to see a few of you there.






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