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No Dirty Skirters about???

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  • Well, now I can actually post to the forums again…

    Cherry Mishmash and a Happy New Year to all DC’ers and all the rest of ya.

    We’ll be out with ITSy BITSy on NYE so hope to see a few of you there.

    so i understand that dirty circus are no longer at the address that they have been, and , are currently looking for ‘squatted premesises’.

    Trouble is, i’ve not heard anymore, and searches fail to find.

    anyone with update info? i want to know. cheers:(

    tash, Dirty Circus was evicted by its hosting company ; a combination of flaky asp code and persistent flooding of the boards by trolls with multiple posts, sometimes containing very offensive material (including extreme racism and sexual harrasment of females who used DC) led to the hosting company saying “enoughs enough”. (it was mostly for technical reasons, as the dodgy code was taking up too much resources with the hosting company)

    looking for “squatted premises”, meant that some of the (non-offensive) jokers on the board were looking for another “straightheads” board to troll – I personally don’t agree with this as it only “legitimises” the bad tactics which brought down the circus.

    I was sad to see the circus go – but in its last months I was hardly suprised things were going downhill. maybe it will return some day, but if PaniK don’t consider it a high priority I don’t blame them.

    BTW Tash, are you the Tash of tash lodge?

    There was a fair bit of offensive posts on DC,certainly towards the end and i agree that trolling other boards is no answer to its loss.
    I too was sad to see DC go,there were some very open and honest opinions aired and it could be hilariously funny at times.

    any idea?

    Word is on DC that it wasd hit with a very advanced virus which takes you round in circles on the website. Makes you wonder if Tony Blair and his brown boy raiders have had a hand in it.






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Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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Forums Life No Dirty Skirters about???