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  • Hi Skie

    why don’t you give some information about who you are doing the research for, the nature of the research, you research methodology and aims

    ie. is it scientific research or are you a journalist?

    people who are using illicit substances are likely to be mistrustful of you otherwise

    does the 23 in your name have any relevance?

    skie23;237343 wrote:
    Hello, I’m researching and writing about women addicts and have interviewed women who were long term users of cocaine and valium – but who ultimately got treatment and stopped using.
    I’m looking for any stories (anonymous) from women who are still using a different drug – maybe heroin or methadone – would consider themselves addicted, but have some control over their lives, hopefully go to work, are not living the chaotic stereotype many people associate with addicts..

    Can I ask why this is only targetting women? There are men out there too who do exactly the same (such as I) and have taken part in the first channel 4 series of when they did the drug detox live on channel 4.

    Although they never showed mine and my friends at the time stories, it was an approach that channel 4 wanted to show that there are addicts out there who do not do crime and try to lead a normal life. Challenging stereotypes is something that channel 4 has always been good at.

    Would you concider widening your research to include men? I´m feeling somewhat excluded here!

    No Response?


    But please concider it :love:

    Sorry! It’s a piece for a Sunday supplement – a broadsheet, not a tabloid, that has mainly women readers and I was asked to write about a woman’s experience. The point is exactly as you said to move away from the stereotype of junky/criminals etc

    Funnily enough though, I’ve found quite a few men for this but no women.

    joseph rowntree foundation did an excellent piece of research into this in about 2004

    look it up

    sKIE23 – Thanks for your reply.

    In my experience, I do not know many women out there who are functioning addicts. There are a few but not many and the ones I know do not frequent this site.

    So how did the article go? It would be interesting from the facs you found out.

    I am a woman, and amphetamine dependant. I function normaly. I run a home, i’m at college n start uni in sept. none of my family know about my lil problem i jst deal wiv it on my own. Although i am not a “conventional addict” i belive there are many women like myself who do function normaly.

    How did ur artical go? x






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Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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