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  • There has been a few cases of rape/sexual assualt involving Rohypnol in my area recently,there has even been a couple of police warnings in the local paper.
    I’ve heard of this off and on for years,but worryingly it now seems bigger than ever and far more widespread than before-theres some relevent info in the drugs section on here and some more detailed stuff can be found at
    be safe when you go out folks!

    Another date rape drug knocking around id GHB, a clear tasteless fluid added to drinks to sidate victims and its not illegal to possess this, mad

    You can find some info on it here-

    yes, sadly it is becoming so common that every police force in the south has put a warning on it

    last year one of my younger sisters friends had her drink spiked in a Reading pub – luckily my sister and her mates were clued up enough to *immediately* get her out and call the Ambulance service – the girl recovered in hospital.

    At least she was not assaulted, but it makes me angry to think that some scum not only got away with it, he spoilt the rest of the girls’ night, made them more paranoid and cost the NHS hundreds of pounds in extra work [Pissed off]

    Good to know that your sister’s mates knew what to do and did it straight away!-top marks there!
    -everyone should be aware of what to do,not only if your with someone who has been spiked,but also in case it should happen to you!

    Doesn’t GHB have a pretty low threshold for overdoses? I guess we should be pleased that with all these people being spoken to (bad joke), there haven’t been any deaths.

    Ghb lowers your blood pressure and can cause breathing difficuties,so,if you already have low blood pressure,through a medical condition or through taking other substances then being spiked on top of this could potentially drop bp through the floor,possibly killing you!






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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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