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UK: Squatters quit flats for festival – September 2002

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  • Squatters quit flats for festival
    By Evening News 24 – Thursday September 5 2002

    Copyright: Evening News 24

    NORWICH’S nomadic squatters have left their latest adopted home to go on an extended period of partying and travelling.

    Just three of the self-styled Community Collective are still staying at a block of empty flats on Brunswick Road. But they are due to leave on Friday, the deadline set by the housing association who own the building.

    The other 22 members moved all their belongings out before the bank holiday and went to a festival en masse. After that it appears they have spent some time travelling around England.

    Nearly a fortnight ago the collective was issued with another eviction order from the county court just over a week after being kicked out of Pym House on Unthank Road.

    However, the owners, the Swan Housing Association, gave them a two week breathing space to find alternative accommodation.

    According to one member they are still on the look out for a place, preferably a big house that will contain all 25 members of the collective.

    “When all the others come back we will have to move to somewhere else, maybe to another squat. We have always wanted to remain together as a collective rather then be split up,” he said.

    “People have gone to a festival and have taken pretty much all their stuff with them. It’s very quite just now, just me playing my tunes.”

    Their short stay at Pym House ended in a high-profile stand-off with authorities which resulted in an impromptu rave. They left only when police officers broke in through the back door. But this time round the collective have decided to leave peacefully.

    “It’s a bit difficult to make a protest with just the three of us. We will definitely be leaving on Friday,” the anonymous member added.






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