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What is Heroin or Smack?

Forums Drugs Heroin & Opium What is Heroin or Smack?

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  • @p0ly 379108 wrote:

    Opium and oxycodone, yum yum.

    You’re forgetting the lovely fentanyl and oxymorphone and hydromorphone and Demerol and oh for crying out loud, just everything but stupid Subutex!


    @1984 388618 wrote:

    ever tried it? what’s it like?

    Tried smoking it once and I COULD NOT UNDERSTAND why people paid for it. Being wrapped in cotton wool? Everything distant? Warm and sleepy?

    I want to feel life. Even when it’s shit I want to feel it. Like a punch in the jaw… MOTIVATE ME! MOVE ME! I can see why some people want to stick their head up their own arse but it’s not for me.

    Heroin owes me big time. I had a nice little life and a steady job before I started using that crap. nearly 2 years later and I still haven’t got a steady job. Feel demotivated every day. The stuff is a living nightmare.

    Uve got the information almost right diactlymorphone or diamorphine in purest form is a white cysrataline powder.very soulible in which made into a solution for injection is aee through or complely souluble.street heroin can come in from red to blue powders or rocks.the tan color most associate heroin with is because its made clandestinly n certain steps r diverted for a quicker turn out.medical grade heroin is white.

    Heroin is a white or brown powder or a black, sticky goo. It can be mixed with water and injected with a needle.hen the drug wears off and you may feel a strong urge to take more.

    In short they are synthetic drugs, Highly effective but illegal.

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Viewing 12 posts - 301 through 312 (of 312 total)
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Forums Drugs Heroin & Opium What is Heroin or Smack?